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Paula Carreirão

December 16, 2021

Google Business Chat and Asksuite x

Google Business Messages for Hotels Boosted by Asksuite: More Direct Bookings



Google has yet again set a new use of its tools, and Asksuite is staying ahead of the curve and integrating this new feature. With the official integration between Asksuite and Google Business Messages, hoteliers can now send and receive messages of possible guests on a new channel.

One platform to rule them all!

Since we are an omnichannel solution, our clients will be able to manage every channel such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, WhatsApp, and now Google Chat, using a single account.

Knowing that this feature can be a real game-changer in the hotel industry, our product team has worked their magic and made the entire integration process as fast as possible, bringing this update to our customers in record time.

With this integration, our 1,300 + customers all over the world will be able to deliver the utmost seamless experience in their message communication channels, combined with the Asksuite platform. Consequently, client satisfaction will increase, potentializing hotel revenue.

What is Google Business Messages for hotels?

When a traveler is looking for a hotel on Google, the results now show a “chat” button option, so travelers can talk directly to the hotel through Google. This new service can put your property ahead of the OTAs and your competition.

Chats are really popular and can boost your direct bookings. Even Google knows that!

Hotel Search on Google

Why is this integration important?

When you combine Asksuite and Google Chat, you can offer customer service 24/7 in multiple languages. By providing real-time assistance at the right time, you increase the chances of converting online bookings significantly.

Travelers always want to double-check information before they book a hotel, and through online customer service, you give them the trust and the final push they need to complete their reservations.

Hotel answering through google chat

Moreover, here are some impressive numbers, showing businesses that have adopted Google Chat since it has opened to the public:

  • Google Business Messages have reduced call volume by 37%, North Carolina courthouse.
  • Business Messages helps Bajaj Auto’s lead conversions skyrocket by over 14x.
  • Business Messages helps Popeye’s automate 82% of conversations.

(Source: Google)

Now, imagine these statistics for your reservation center.

Can you measure the potential that this communication channel has for your hotel business?

Are travelers finding your hotel and converting on Google? Asksuite & Guestline have combined their efforts to bring you an easy way to get found by travelers and make sure they book with you. Learn how you can use Google Messages and Google Free Links to step up your booking game by downloading our e-book now:

How do I get Google Business Messages?

You probably already have an account at Google My Business (if you don’t, you need one right now!). That is the only way to display your hotel on the search engine as a business and on the Google Hotels page.

Surprisingly, many hotels still don’t pay proper attention to these tools. Maybe they will now with Google Business Messages and their impressive numbers.

Google chat is a powerful tool on its own. But when you power it up with a top-notch solution, the sky’s the limit.

Connecting Reservations Department to Google Business Messages for Hotels

The integration with Asksuite allows our clients to send room rates, reviews, tips on restaurants, and give travelers the information they need to book a room with you.

hotel showing a room qupte on google chat

No waiting lines, which frustrate customers, and using human-like language, Asksuite AI chatbot is available for interactions on Instagram 24/7.

And to make it even better, every conversation can be seen and managed within the Asksuite dashboard. As an omnichannel solution, all conversations with the same user are merged into one single chat.

Advantages of the integration

In essence, with the official Google Business Messages, hotels will be able to resolve some of the biggest marketing and sales’ challenges. Here are the main benefits:

  • Exposure to more than 3.5 billion daily searches.
  • Quick response to potential guests with Google Messages, 24 hours a day.
  • Room quotes with our AI and integration with the booking engine.
  • The possibility of having direct reservations without leaving Google.
  • Easy management of all replies in the platform and access to all statistics, filters, tags, and more.
  • Lead generation with Google Business Messages.
  • Availability on traveler’s preferred channel.

In this free webinar, we explain all about this latest integration. Watch it now and learn how you can get direct bookings while being available to travelers 24/7 through this new channel:



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