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Jan 27, 2021 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 5 minutes

2020 was not all bad. After all, it was the year we launched The Hotel Cast, a hospitality podcast series where we interview hospitality professionals that are on the top of their fields.

In our first year of existence, we recorded 11 episodes and people from 24 countries had tuned in to our Hotel Cast Podcast. We shared insights into leadership, hotel marketing, hotel revenue, recruitment in hospitality, and much more.

To celebrate of first year anniversary, we wrote this piece with a summary of each episode that you can listen to right here on this blog.

So get yourself comfortable, grab your headphones and get up to date about our industry. Press play!

Episode #1: The best practices in RM with Christoph Hütter

In this podcast, we talk about good practices in revenue management and the importance of the context to understand data with Christop Hutter.

Episode #2: The power of online review with Sarah Came

We all read online reviews before booking a room. In a world recovering from a pandemic, social proof is even more influential when people are unsure.

In the second episode of Hotel Cast, we chat with Sarah Came, GuestRevu’s Marketing Manager, about how to get the best of your hotel’s online reputation. and also:

  • how hotels can make the most of the reviews;
  • a general overview of the impact of the pandemic on hotel operations and bookings;
  • how technology can help the post-pandemic hotel industry;
  • tips of what hotels can do when they don’t have any new reviews

Episode #3: Leadership with David Arraya

“Leadership is about being a beacon of light where there is darkness”, says David Arraya, a global hospitality leader with several years of experience inspiring teams around the world and our guest in this Hotel Cast episode.

We discuss the tough challenges of leadership in times of crisis and more:

  • the main characteristic of a good leader;
  • What can leaders do for their teams in times of pandemic and social distancing;
  • book recommendations about leadership;
  • tips and strategies for leaders to deal with the stress that times of crisis bring.

Listen now to David’s great insights and tips:

Episode #4: The future of Hospitality with Michael McCartan

If there is a year where all predictions crashed and burned, the year is 2020. No one could anticipate that hospitality would be this way. But Michael McCartan can tell you what to expect in the future!

In this new episode, Michael McCartan, a Travel Tech Business Leader, tells us his predictions about the hospitality industry market and must-have techs. In this episode, we talk about:

  • The new field of hotel distribution;
  • Hotel strategies to gain market share;
  • The opportunity for direct booking;
  • Must-Have hotel technologies & McCartan’s favorite hotel techs

Listen to the full episode now:

Episode #5: Hotels’ adaptation with Glenn Haussman

Changes here, changes there, changes everywhere! The hotel industry is not the same.

In this podcast, Glenn Haussman, leading podcaster, talks about the ongoing hotel industry’s adaptation to the new normal that he is seeing in his last trips. As he says:

“Business will come back. Just remember: this is your opportunity to make those changes you may have been scared of before. This is the time to take risks.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why did Glenn choose the hotel industry;
  • Guests’ new demands;
  • Hotel’s adaptation (or not) to the changes;
  • Good and bad examples of hotel operations.

Tune in and listen to the episode now:


Episode #6: Hospitality recruitment with Jeremy Nichols, CPC

The huge financial crisis caused by the pandemic affected millions of hospitality professionals who lost their jobs. That’s why we invited Jeremy Nichols, Florida’s Top Hospitality Headhunter, for a chat in this episode of Hotel Cast.

Jeremy shares with us:

  • The one million dollar question: How can a candidate stand out in a recruitment process?
  • Do and don’t in LinkedIn: ” Don’t post and ghost”, “Make yourself authentic”, “Just be out there”
  • Which soft skills are the best to have as a hotel professional?
  • How can a recruiter show empathy towards candidates?

If you are like millions of hospitality professionals looking for a new position, you should definitely listen to this podcast:

Episode #7: Hospitality with Ai with Rita Jusztina Varga and Brendan May

How can Artificial Intelligence in hospitality help you improve your results and customer satisfaction?
How many sales opportunities do you miss for taking too long to answer a potential guest’s request?

We invited two AI Experts from HERA by Hotel ResBot: Rita Jusztina Varga, Co-Founder, and Brendan May, Managing Director to help us reveal the benefits of adopting AI in the hospitality industry.

You will learn:

  • What Artificial Intelligence actually is;
  • Why AI should be used in hospitality and its different applications;
  • The perfect team: humans and AI providing the best experience.

Listen to the full episode now:

Episode #8: Commercial Teams & Tech with Shona Whitehead

In this podcast Hotel Cast episode, we chat with Shona Whitehead, Managing Partner of Cogent Blue, on how hotels can optimize their sales performances and the gap between hotel commercial teams and techs.

We also cover:

  • How today’s challenges are putting pressure on leaders to continuously optimize their hotel commercial performances;
  • The best practices in hotel revenue management;
  • The main differences between the commercial approach before, during and during the pandemic in the hospitality industry

In addition to being the Managing Partner of Cogent Blue, she is also a Member of the Institute of Hospitality, an active supporter of Hospitality Action, and regularly contributes to industry forums and events.

Don’t miss out on this episode:

Episode #9: Reinventing yourself with Kyle Allison

In this podcast episode, we chat with Kyle Allison who shares with us his passion for the hospitality industry and how he managed to reinvent himself during the COVID-19 crisis.

Like millions of hoteliers around the world, Kyle Allison suffered from the negative effects of the crisis. But that didn’t stop him to continue working with his passion: hospitality. He keeps his love for the industry burning as Managing Partner & Podcast Host at Hospitality, M.D.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • how Kyle started in the hotel industry;
  • his ups and downs in his journey as a hospitality professional;
  • why he thinks “Hospitality is everyone’s business”
  • his new adventure, The Hospitality, M.D., a hospitality podcast.

Put your headphones and listen to the full episode now:

Episode #10: Iconic Hospitality with Calvin Stovall

“In times when we feel so uncertain about everything, the key is to do what you can and be true to others and to yourself”, says Calvin Stovall in this hospitality podcast episode.

As the tough 2020 was heading to its end, we invited Calvin Stovall, Chief Experience Officer of ICONIC Presentations, to give good examples of what we can now for a better tomorrow in hospitality.

You will listen to:

  • The importance of the mindset – keep the positivity;
  • The importance of being real and creating real connections;
  • How to stay motivated and motivate your team.

Listen to the full episode here:

Episode #11: Housekeeping Role with Svetlana Udalov

The Housekeeping Department has surely suffered the biggest impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Once a supporting section inside operations, now it has become the shining star in every hotel in the world.

That is why we invited Svetlana Udalov, CEO & Founder at HKeeper Global, LLC for a talk in the Hotel Cast Podcast about the many changes in hotel operations.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • how technology can help the housekeeper experience
  • the tight connection between technology and costs
  • examples of what hotels can do to operate safely
  • Svetlana’s advice for Housekeeping Managers

Listen to the full episode here:

To Be Continued…..

These were the episodes recorded in 2020. But that it’s not all folks! We are already recording new episodes with new amazing experts.

Stay tuned and follow Hotel Cast on Spotify so you don’t miss any new episodes.😉

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