Hotel Cast #30: Improve Operations and Get More Results from Hotel Tech with Sally Richards

Jan 16, 2023 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 2 minutes

“This is where automation really can help you. The amount of paper that is manually managed just really impacts customer journey and response times.“

In this Hotel Cast episode, we were honored to have Sally Richards, Managing Director at RaspberrySky Services Limited. She shared many valuable insights on how to optimize results in the hotel sector with the right tech.

Sally emphasized the importance of saving time by eliminating manual tasks automation could easily handle. This will set your hotel apart from the others!

🎧Don’t miss this worthwhile Hotel Cast episode:

Here’s what you can expect from episode #30:

  • What does the hotel industry look like when it comes to technology?
  • How can hotel tech assist with internal operations such as labor shortages, multiple demands, data overload, and travelers’ impatience?
  • What are hotels missing if they don’t invest in technology?
  • How can hotels optimally blend technology and human resources?
  • Bonus Track: Sally Richards’ 3 best tips for hotels looking for new technology

Hotel Cast won the second-best hospitality podcast of 2021 according to the International Hospitality Institute. Its host, Paula Carreirão, is a voice that has been helping shape the hospitality world as one of the Global Top 20 Hospitality Executives to Watch in 2022 by the same institute.

More hotel automation

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In this episode, we invited Ken Patel, Founder of EV Hotel™ and one of the top 50 Most Influential Hospitality Leaders worldwide by Hospitality Power Index, to answer a crucial question:

Why is it so important for the hospitality industry to embrace technology?

Here is what Ken had to say:

Looking for a webinar instead?

📺 In our webinar, Technology at Your Service, Chris Crowley (Chief Revenue Officer at Duetto), David Byrne (VP of Sales & Partnerships at Asksuite), Fiona Gillen (VP of Marketing at The Hotels Network), and Paula Carreirão (Content Coordinator at Asksuite) share real-world examples of how automation is benefiting hotels globally.

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