Hotel Cast #28: Instagram for Hotels 101 with Regitse Rosenvinge

Aug 15, 2022 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hosted by Asksuite’s Content Coordinator Paula Carreirão, the Hotel Cast Podcast is the second-best hospitality podcast of 2021 according to the International Hospitality Institute.

Whether you are a hotel entrepreneur, manager, travel expert, sales & marketing expert, or hospitality provider, this is an informative (and fun!) podcast where experts share insights on a variety of relevant topics for the industry.

Episode #28 featured Regitse Rosenvinge, Founder & Consultant at Regitse Rosenvinge Consulting and Top 25 Social Media Influencer in Hospitality, where she shared powerful information on how hotels can run a successful Instagram strategy.

Regitse also talked about how to be creative with content, reasons to plan content beforehand, and how having an Instagram profile can help a hotel. This is a rundown of other hot topics discussed in episode #28:

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Here are some other topics:

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Here are some of the topics discussed:

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