Hotel Cast #24: The Core Principles of Hotel Website Success with Harry Fielder

Mar 10, 2022 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Between revenue streams, core segments, persona, and touch-points, how should hoteliers approach their website from a user’s perspective?

Do you know what guests and potential guests expect from your website and what the core usability features should be?

Moreover, what are automatic triggers and drawbacks you need to watch out for to nail website functionality and branding, blending inspiration and awareness?

To answer these questions, we’ve invited Harry Fielder, who is Managing Director of Umi Digital and expert in marketing, hospitality, and travel tech, to join us for Asksuite’s Hotel Cast Episode #24

Harry shared how detrimental an inefficient website can be to your hotel:

“If you have a dripping tap, if you have a peeling wallpaper, if you have a rude receptionist or a concierge who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, you’re going to deal with that quite quickly. But I would also argue that a website that doesn’t do its job, doesn’t answer the right questions, it’s dated, or doesn’t work particularly well, is also doing damage. And if you’re trying to create this consistent experience across all touch points—physical and digital—then, that needs addressing massively.”

You can learn about the following topics in this podcast with Harry:

  • Why is web design important when we talk about conversion?
  • How web design impacts the experience of the user and ultimately the online bookings?
  • What is best: Looks or functionality in the hotel industry?
  • Is there a formula that fits all? Are tests really necessary?
  • Which metrics are important in web design?
  • How do you know if it’s time for a web design makeover?

Get these answers and other insights listening to our podcast:

Hotel Cast #24: Hotel website branding vs functionality

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