Hotel Cast #14: Luxury Travel Resists the Pandemic Crisis with Marcos Toscani

Mar 12, 2021 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 2 minutes

How is the pandemic impacting luxury travel? “The luxury market is used to give what people want”, says Marcos Toscani, Luxury Hotel Expert and Director of Experto en Hoteles.

Yes, luxury travel has been affected by the pandemic, but maybe this mindset described by Marcos is one of the reasons why luxury hotels seem to be able to bounce back quicker than other types of hotels.

In this new episode of the Hotel Cast Podcast, we chat with the Hotel Expert, Speaker, and Mexico’s Luxury Travel Ambassador, Marcos Toscani, about the luxury segment and hotel social media. We also cover Mexico’s market and the expectation of new hotel openings in 2021.

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During our chat, we discuss:

  • the Experto en Hoteles project
  • new big hotel brand openings in Mexico
  • how the pandemic impacted (or not) the luxury segment
  • the importance of social media for hotels as a two-way communication channel
  • mistakes and tips when managing hotel social media
  • what a luxury hotel is
  • his role as Mexico’s Luxury Travel Ambassador

Regarding the changes in luxury hotel operations, the expert states that the famous social distance was adopted even before the pandemic. After all, luxury has a tight connection to exclusivity, which means that guests already didn’t have to be close to one another. Overall, luxery hotels had to do only small adaptations in operations. Nothing major.

Marcos, who is specialized in Marketing and Social Media, also explains to us that building trust is crucial, and that is something luxury brands are good at.

In addition to that, he says that many hotels still don’t know how to manage social media. That is a big mistake, according to him, since the way the brands react on their social media has a significant impact on reputation and bookings.

In fact, the expert tells us that he conducted research that showed that only 4% of hotels did well on social media. As he points out:

“Most hotels use social media as a place to post advertisements. But it’s actually a two-way channel.”

Regarding his new role as Mexico’s Luxury Travel Ambassador, Marcos Toscani shares good news: hotel openings happening in Mexico this year. He explains that Mexico is attracting big hotel brands and there is a lot of excitement in the market.

The Director of Experto en Hoteles also emphasizes the importance of keeping yourself updated on the marketing trends and reminds hoteliers that inspiration is a big part of the booking process.

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