Hotel Cast #25 – Hotel Digital Media Voice & Social Media with Russell L. Edmond

Apr 5, 2022 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hotel Cast is a podcast where Paula Carreirão, hospitality influencer, and Asksuite’s Content Marketing Coordinator, sits down with some of the most relevant names in the hotel industry to discuss trends, bring new insights, and share their experience in the hospitality industry.

It’s informative, it’s funny, and it can help you give your business a twist.

So, get ready for a rundown of what we’ve learned this week about Hotel Brand Voice from Russell L. Edmond, Entrepreneur & Hospitality Consultant at Russell of Hotels, with more than 14 years of experience working at hotels and one of the most enthusiastic guests this podcast has ever hosted!

Here is a summary of the topics discussed during this podcast:

  • How is social media voice determined?
  • Influencers
  • The main goals of social media
  • How can hotels stand out on social media?

🎧 If you want to know these answers and all the insightful tips Russell shared, listen to the full episode on the link below.

Podcasts where you can learn more about social media voice and related topics:

The Core Principles of Hotel Website Success with Harry Fielder

Harry Fielder, Managing Director of Umi Digital and expert in marketing, hospitality, and travel tech, joined us for Hotel Cast Episode #24 and talked about the following topics:

  • How should hoteliers approach their website from a user’s perspective?
  • How do you know if it’s time for a web design makeover?
  • What is best: Looks or functionality in the hotel industry?
  • Why is web design important when we talk about conversion?
  • Which metrics are important in web design?
  • Is there a formula that fits all? Are tests really necessary?

How web design impacts the experience of the user and ultimately the online bookings?

🎧 Listen now:

Training is Not Best Served Cold with Žana Usher

In this episode of Hotel Cast with Žana Usher, CEO & Founder of Žana Divine Hospitality, and also a coach for training staff in the hospitality sector, we talk about:

  • Guest expectations
  • Driving sales for business owners through staff training
  • How everything can be fixed with basic training
  • Management expectations

🎧 Now all you need to do is put your headphones on to learn the answer!

Housekeeping: From Supporting Role to Hotel Rock Star

Svetlana Udalov, CEO & Founder at HKeeper Global, LLC, talked about how all eyes have turned to the hotel housekeeping after the pandemic. Here are some hot topics discussed in this podcast:

  • The changes in the housekeeping operations
  • What hotels can do to operate safely
  • The strict connection between technology and costs
  • How technology can help the housekeeper experience

🎧 Just hit play:

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