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No More Time Wasted on Overloaded Inboxes

How many emails, phone calls, and messages non-related to sales does your reservation team have to handle?

Understand what travelers need and standardize service

You can customize unlimited answers into our AI knowledge base to standardize communication. The booking assistant engages in a matter of seconds, ensuring no leads go cold.

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Natural language

Our AI chatbot not only sounds human, but it can understand broken-up queries, slangs, and misspelled words. Regular reports help hotels see where travelers aren’t being clear.

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Multiple languages

Having a multilingual employee on staff can seem like an unnecessary resource until you lose deals because of it. AI virtual assistance can speak more than 40 languages. Problem solved!

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24/7 availability on multiple channels

Answer multiple travelers at once, no matter their channel of choice. A virtual assistant doesn’t take vacation breaks, and it covers off-hours—eliminating this invisible demand.

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Streamline the booking process

Tackle all redundant queries with AI-powered service and leave the complex questions to your agents, shortening the booking cycle and scaling your business.

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ai-powered automation for hotels

Insights that ensure frictionless communication

Put an end to overwhelming manual tasks:


AI Booking Agent

Create a seamless and personalized guest experience that is running 24/7 and is standardized as you see fit.


Omnichannel Inbox

Connect with guests in real-time across multiple channels—from social media to email and messaging apps—all from a single dashboard.