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Asksuite’s omnichannel service platform empowers managers to rev up in-house direct bookings and revenue.

Reservation agents in charge of closing bookings

OTA commissions can cut your profit by 30%. Reduce distribution costs by simply increasing your agents’ productivity with Asksuite’s platform.


The perfect blend of cutting-edge tech and human touch

Clever assistance lets AI and agents work hand in hand. Eliminate 56% of demand happening outside business hours and readily engage with 88% of customers expecting timely replies.


The only performance reports you’ll ever need

Set clear goals and improve direct booking performance with a data-driven reservation sales funnel, no matter the channel.


The experience you were meant to deliver

A bespoke website offers a conversational way to convey key information that enables travelers to “book now”. Our AI chatbot conversion rate is 3x higher than travelers going straight to the booking engine.


omnichannel service platform for hotels

Increase revenue with the right direct booking tech

Direct bookings at your fingertips:


AI Booking Agent

Our chatbot uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to understand travelers’ preferences and tailor recommendations accordingly.


Omnichannel Inbox

With this innovative tool, you’ll enhance the guest experience, increase revenue, and streamline your operations.