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The Future of
Performance Management 

Welcome to Asksuite, a simple way for hotels to manage agents’ KPIs such as response time, conversion rates, and revenue per agent and channel - all on one platform.

Comprehensive performance insights

With all metrics at your fingertips, you can create bespoke distribution rules per channel and assign the right agents to specific segments (groups, business, travel agencies, etc.).


A fully integrated chat history creates an experience made to last

Agents can see past interactions on any channel by merging each of them into a chat history. Travelers never have to repeat questions, empowering agents to reply at the speed of light.


A new way to look at the reservation sales funnel

Technology that allows managers to scale the volume of service and reservations via Cloud Phone, email, messaging apps, and social media, as well as tracking sales per agent.


Next-level sales & reservation productivity

Our AI booking agent eliminates conventional call center bottlenecks, helping your team focus exclusively on closing deals.


Break new ground with a culture of sales performance

Adopt top agents’ best practices to raise the entire team’s performance bar.


hotel reservation team management

Dive into our KPI data center to define clear goals for your teams

The benefits don't stop here:


Revenue Management

With an omnichannel solution, revenue managers can gather data across all channels to improve sales and drive direct bookings.


Sales & Reservation Agents

Reservation agents no longer struggle to keep up with the high influx of customer inquiries.