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Lead more

We Give a Whole New Meaning to Maximum Capacity 

Skyrocket productivity for hotel sales & reservation teams. Reduce time spent responding to repetitive questions and boost follow-up speed, conversion rates, and revenue per agent.

Automated lead distribution

Create automatic lead distribution rules based on specific channels, languages, agents, and traveler profiles. Assign each service appropriately with smart tags.

Group sales

Use the full AI-power to reduce FAQs

Choose the best way to combine humans and AI. The chatbot can assist customers outside business hours, while agents are active during the day. Or the AI can be active 24/7, generating and qualifying leads for you.


Stop wasting time dealing with multiple channels and tabs

With Asksuite’s centralized inbox, multiple agents can easily check and respond on all service channels from one single screen.


The platform that unifies customers' complete chat history

Travelers contact the hotel via phone, email, messages, or social media. This means they repeat everything with every new channel.  Not anymore. Our inbox merges all channels into a single chat history, even for hotel groups.


Send quotes in seconds with our booking engine integration

Reservation agents can easily build proposals featuring room availability, prices, pictures, and descriptions in real time, with the booking engine integration activated for all service channels.


Shared templates & translation

Standardize responses and boost agents’ productivity with translation buttons and email templates.

Group sales

hotel reservation team productivity

How many potential guests does your reservation team assist every day?

More ways to streamline hotel operations and improve efficiency:


Inbound Reservation CRM

Easily access guest information, track preferences, and provide personalized experiences that will keep travelers coming back.


Omnichannel Inbox

Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional marketing tactics to drive bookings.