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Asksuite has empowered thousands of hotels to transform inbound calls into bookings with Cloud Phone. This is a new way to look at the traditional system and maximize its full potential to reduce sales cycles.

Who knew it could be so easy to offer real-time support?

Switching between channels and tabs is a thing of the past. From our dashboard, agents can access room availability and price quotes while talking to travelers, increasing the chances of closing deals on the first call.

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Sales conversion rates go up & call times go down

A complete chat history with travelers appears on the dashboard when a new call comes in. As travelers don’t waste time repeating themselves, agents quickly handle calls, improving satisfaction and closing more deals.


Easily monitor all communication with our recording feature

Play all calls back and share valuable insights with your team, raising the performance bar. Identify friction points and the moments when travelers pull back to do it right the next time.

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Never miss another call

Do you know how many deals your hotel loses due to missed calls? Asksuite tracks each one, allowing agents to follow up via phone or the traveler’s preferred communication channel.


Smart IVR

How are you dealing with all those busy communication channels? Our tool includes an IVR system—the same phone number can be directed to specific agents, evenly distributing calls in multiple languages.


Full control of booking metrics

Analyze phone call metrics per agent and channel. Calls can also be tagged as desired to generate bespoke reports.


cloud phone for hotels

Super-fast and top-notch customer service via Cloud Phone

Many more features to transform your call center into a booking machine

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Sales & Reservation Agents' productivity

Boost revenue and delight your customers with a high-performing sales and reservation team.

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Reservations & Contact Center

Deliver exceptional service every time with a platform designed with hotel contact centers in mind.