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Asksuite Named Best Chatbot in the 2022

Asksuite has been named 2022’s #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot by Hotel Tech Report, based on nearly 200 customer reviews, for the third time in a row. Hotel Tech Awards is not the only award Asksuite has won this year. Competing with five other software companies in the World’s Best Hospitality Chatbot Solutions Provider Category, Asksuite is honored to be recognized as the winner of 2021 by World Travel Tech Awards. Find out more about the awards

Asksuite Best Chatbot 2022 by HTR Badges

More than 2,000 hotels have already revolutionized their service

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More and better results for your reservation center


reduction in operational demand due to customer service

*on average


increase in direct bookings

*on average


speed increase in message reply time

The age of communication by messages requires new methods of online services
Asksuite’s Hotel Booking Chatbot provides an automated service on the website or social media via desktop or mobile so that your hotel can answer relevant questions helping guests to make a decision, 24/7, no vacation.
 Why top performance hotel reservation centers are using Asksuite?
Standardize and perzonalize customer service
Centralize service channels management
Quick responses and 24/7 customer service
Speak with foreign travelers on their native languages
Optimize time and automate repetitive responses
Optimize time and automate operational calls
Boost direct bookings and conversion rate
What are our customers saying?

Cana Brava Resorts

“We will automatize our online customer service. Our trial with Asksuite’s chatbot worked very well”

Alisson Leandro – Marketing Manager

Vila D'Amore

“Man, it’s spectacular! We rarely have to perform any action manually. It fits us perfectly!”

Lello D’Amore – Owner

Clara Resorts

“The number of direct bookings has doubled after implanting the chatbot. ”.

Luis Braga – Marketing Manager

Le Canton

“ They keep showing up… We have 49 bookings done by the website’s chatbot and Facebook in only 45 days”

Pablo Siqueira – Reservation Manager

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quotations within our solutions

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