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Reimagine Inbound Email Management

A simplified way to manage your inbound emails while connected to your booking engine and other service channels—on one dashboard.

Standardize your brand's voice using email

Unlimited email templates in multiple languages help hotels standardize replies, reducing response time and ensuring a solid action plan for every request.


Connect smart proposals to your booking engine

Reduce the time reservation agents spend on email proposals from 10 minutes to 30 seconds with our booking engine integration.


Complete chat history overview

Our omnichannel solution unifies travelers’ most used channels on a single dashboard. By merging emails with all other channels, agents easily access past interactions for uninterrupted chats.

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Default email features with tags designed specifically for hospitality

Overwhelmed with hundreds of emails? All you need is our simple solution with tags, reports, and metrics to take full control of email performance.


Email follow-ups for conversations that started on other channels

With the omnichannel inbox, your reservation team can answer a phone call or social media message and follow up within the same chat history via email.


inbound email management for hotels

Start boosting sales with AI-powered inbound emails

Dive deeper into Asksuite’s world:

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Sales & Reservation Agents' productivity

Discover how Asksuite can help you achieve greater productivity and revenue through innovative solutions.



Asksuite offers a range of integrations for booking engines and price quote solutions.