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Paula Carreirão

September 24, 2020

mirai and asksuite

Asksuite and Mirai Official Integration: More Power to Direct Bookings



We are very excited to announce our latest official integration with Mirai, one of the leading companies in online distribution and the direct channel. Hotels with Asksuite smart service platform can now use Mirai booking engine or Mirai Metasearch to boost even more direct bookings.

A smart booking engine is a must-have tool right now and Mirai is a world-class company to help you make full use of the digital environment’s potential.

More than a simple booking engine, Mirai has 25-years of experience enhancing the marketing and distribution of its hotels.

What can Asksuite and Mirai do combined?

As 40% of the chatbot’s requests are price quotes, this integration is critical to increasing conversion rates through messaging, especially in complex bookings where the user books after interacting with the chatbot to solve her questions.

Mirai with Asksuite chatbot

Asksuite’s integration with booking engines enables real-time price quotes, suggestions of alternative dates, room quotes via Whatsapp, search across different properties for hotel chains, conversion tracking and many other features that you already know.

But what is special about the direct integration between Mirai and Asksuite is the possibility of offering a different price on mobile and desktop to your potential customers through the booking engine or the chatbot.

Moreover, there are language and currency integrations so you can show your price quotes without any problems. Not to mention that the speed connection and the answers provided become faster and more effective.

Why Mirai?

In addition to the fact that Mirai is the leading company in online distribution and the direct channel, the company helps hotels reduce their distribution cost is fully committed to working with their clients to make their direct sales successfully compete with OTAs and bed banks.

Here are the key features that make Mirai the leading company:

Booking Engine

  • Fully integrated into the domain of the hotel (no popus) keeping colors, image and the menu of the website at all times.
  • Works perfectly with multi-room and multi-occupancy options both in desktop and mobile.
  • Shows currency and taxes according to the client’s home country the same way OTAs do.
  • Loyalty clubs tied to special rates or discounts for your repetitive clients.
  • Powerful Business Intelligence module that breaks down all your data to make the best decisions.

Mirai Metasearch

Mirai also offers a full metasearch (Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, etc.) integration platform to hotels and redirects the user to the hotel’s booking engine regardless of what that is. Asksuite is also able to pull real-time availability, prices and pictures from Mirai’s Metasearch product. So you can get a double win: real-time quoting in Asksuite and integration with metasearch.

  • Integration with Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak and SkyScanner.
  • CPCs and commission per stay models.
  • Access to a single panel to control all your investments and ROI.
  • Book on Google, trivago Express Booking and Tripadvisor Instant Booking

Special condition for Asksuite clients:

Mirai is happy to offer to our clients 3-month free for both its Booking Engine and Mirai Metasearch solution. No long-term contract and you can leave anytime.

Wanna know more?
Get in touch with your account manager who can provide you with the contacts in Mirai for more instructions on the next steps.



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