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Maria Carolina Rosa

May 10, 2024

Cover image showing AKTV Resorts view and recalling their sucess case

How ATKV Resorts generated $150,000 in new business using Asksuite’s AI solution



ATKV Resorts’ revenue grew after Asksuite’s AI Reservation Agent implementation, a technology exclusively tailored for the hospitality industry. Attending travelers’ messages during after-hours and peak periods was the turning point to reach this goal.

Managing the growth of seven resorts is not a simple task, especially when they are situated in the most beautiful parts of South Africa and offer unparalleled hospitality. This is ATKV Resorts’ success case.

Comparing international tourism in South Africa between 2022 and 2023 reveals a staggering increase of almost 50%, totaling 8.5 million tourists during the latter year. The surge underscores the escalating demand for traveler communication and the arduous task of front desk staff in balancing these activities as well as daily operations.

ATKV Resorts turned to Asksuite’s AI Reservation Agent, an exclusive solution tailored for the hospitality industry, in order to:

  • Provide personalized attention to potential guests;
  • Amplify direct reservation revenue;
  • Achieve higher profit margins.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable: ATKV Resorts generated $150,000 in new business over nine months, surpassing initial investment costs of $8,000.

Curious to delve deeper into ATKV Resorts’ success story? Stay tuned as we unravel the details!

Have you heard of ATKV Resorts?

Nestled in some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, and surrounded by cultural gems, heritage sites, and other exciting tourist attractions, ATKV Resorts comprises seven premium destinations where guests are welcomed with outstanding hospitality. 

The resorts offer conference attendees an environment conducive to clear thinking, innovative solutions, and unmatched achievements.

AKTV Resort view surrounded by nature

What challenges were ATKV Resorts facing?

Prior to integrating Asksuite’s technology, the ATKV Resorts struggled to maintain efficient potential guest communication during after-hours and peak periods. The absence of streamlined communication channels led to missed opportunities and potential revenue loss, as online travel agencies (OTAs) usually appeal to travelers due to delayed responses.

Seeking a solution to enhance customer service while driving business growth, they looked to Asksuite, as an AI Reservation Agent provider tailored for the hospitality industry.

How did Asksuite’s AI Reservation Agent transform ATKV’s operations?

Recognizing the need to enhance communication, ATKV Resorts embraced Asksuite’s AI Reservation Agent for its:

  • Seamless integration with various communication channels and social media;
  • Omnichannel inbox messaging capabilities;
  • 24/7 AI-driven agent, with immediate responses;
  • High understanding rate (up to 90%) for hospitality-related questions;
  • Multilingual support in 30+ languages;
  • Auto-language detection feature;
  • Booking engine integration.

Asksuite's AI Reservation Agent in action at ATKV Resorts' website

ATKV Resorts implemented an AI Reservation Agent from Asksuite to address their communication challenges effectively. Asksuite’s AI Assistant was specifically created to handle various traveler inquiries, from basic questions about resorts to facilitating direct bookings without a hitch. 

Asksuite’s cutting-edge technology provided ATKV Resorts with a 24/7 communication channel, ensuring travelers received prompt assistance and information around the clock.

“The Asksuite team has been exceptional. They ensured a smooth integration and continued system optimization, significantly improving our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction”, pointed Reinard du Plessis, Chief Marketing Officer at ATKV Resorts.

ATKV’s success story highlights

Post-implementation, Asksuite’s solution generated $150,000 in new business for ATKV Resorts, surpassing their initial investment of $8,000 within 9 months. This remarkable return on investment highlighted the effectiveness of Asksuite’s technology in driving revenue growth. 

Additionally, the integration of chatbots improved operational efficiency, allowing ATKV Resorts to allocate resources more effectively and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


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