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December 2, 2021

types of service in hotel industry

11 Types of Service in the Hotel Industry to Attract Customers



There are different reasons for your ideal guests to stay at your hotel. Ultimately, it depends on the different types of services in the hotel industry that you are offering.

Some people will be searching for comfortable beds, others go for delicious foods. But they all will be looking at the way you treat your guests.

The hotel industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are more than 700,000 hotels worldwide. With that information in hand, you have to ask yourself:

What makes your hotel so special?

You have to think outside the box and provide your guests with various services to attract them and keep them coming back.

If you’re not doing that, then this is the right time to introduce some fantastic features and amenities in your hotel, that will not only attract more customers, but will make you stand out from the competition.

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Types of Services in the Hotel Industry that Can Attract More Customers

In this article, we will be looking at some great amenities and services that you can offer to keep your guest more engaged and satisfied.

1. Personalized Greetings

Everyone loves personalization, be it when online shopping or when checking in on a hotel. 

Can you imagine the surprise of your guest going into the room and finding a flower arrangement or a fruit basket with their name? That can change their day. 

This is a very simple yet amazing habit to have in place. However, not many hotels do it.

Not only can you welcome your guests in this way, but you can also do it when they go for dinner or lunch.

For example, you can reserve a personalized table for them with their name and a flower bouquet. This would be a great gesture, and it will make your guest feel valued.

2. A Working Space

A lot of people work as freelancers, and many are working virtually. Working from home and its benefits are trending right now, and some people may need to check on their email, manage a presentation, or conduct a call at any time.

So, it could be very helpful for your customers and guests if you have a laptop, printer, ring light, and the likes available in their room. If it is not possible to get all of these in the room, you can provide them in a specific working area with high-speed internet, and the above-mentioned technology.

types of services in hotel industry - working space for guests

3. Pick and Drop Services

Pick and Drop is not very common among the types of services in the hotel industry. However, it is a fairly easy service to provide, and one that won’t take a lot of your time or space to put in place. 

Usually, a Pick and Drop consists of having drivers available to take guests where they want to go. It works similarly to a taxi cab or Uber, but it is provided by the hotel. To be competitive, you can always offer lower rates. 

You can also offer guided tours to museums, art galleries, and cultural places around you. If done right, this service can be a game-changer for your hotel and your guests. 

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4. Event Management Facilities

A lot of companies are on the lookout for hotels to hold their events and formal meet-ups. You should have this space set up and be ready to manage all their responsibilities, make your staff available to help with the organization, and every other demand they may have.

You can also be in touch with local event organizers who can easily provide all the customization for a successful event.

5. Offer a Jogging Area

It might be difficult to get space around your hotel for your guest to walk in the morning, go jogging, or even cycle. However, a path around your property would be a great idea, and can be done without needing a lot of extra space.

All you need is to look for a 10 to 15 feet wide route around your hotel. It could be within the hotel boundary. It will not only provide your guests with a chance to go for a walk or go jogging, but it will give them a beautiful tour of your hotel as well.

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6. Free Traveling Options

Renting a vehicle when traveling can be a real challenge. Not only do people want to avoid dealing with paperwork when they’re traveling, but the cost of it can also be off the charts and out of range for them. 

However, some guests and customers love solo traveling in the city and often want to have a car or bicycle to move around. To provide this amenity to your potential guests, you can partner up with local vehicle rental stores to facilitate the process. 

7. Personal Gym Equipment

Hotels usually have gyms and physical fitness areas. However, not everyone likes to share the space, especially now in an almost post-covid world. 

That said, you can attract more guests if you have personal gym equipment on demand. 

You can provide them with an in-room yoga mat and other physical fitness equipment like dumbbells, rope, etc. This can allow your guests to perform their daily routine without having to worry about covid protocols and so on. You can even place some guides or books with exercising tips.

types of services in hotel industry - personal gym on the room

8. Custom-made Soaps & Toiletries

Why not surprise your guests with custom-made soaps and toiletries? If you get all the information on your guests when they make the reservation, you can personalize the shampoo and conditioner bottles, even wine glasses and towels. 

Not many hotels do that, and it can for sure put a smile on your guest’s face. Since the hospitality industry receives thousands of people per year, you can save this tip for VIP guests, that usually like to be pampered a little bit. 

9. Outdoor Dining

This is a must-have in the current state of the world. According to findings by Assignment Assistance UK, more than 50% of people, look for a better environment for dining. 

An open-air space takes care of that, and it also shows guests that you’re following hygiene protocol by giving them a safe space to enjoy themselves. 

Although it is necessary to have a proper area for dining, an open-air area would be an added facility loved by most of your guests. 

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10. Free Books & Movies With Snacks

It’s not a bad idea to have a reading space and promote movie sessions. People love to relax with a good book or while watching movies.

You can sell popcorn and other snacks, and even engage your future guests on social media by asking them what they want to watch. It will make them give good reviews about your hotel.

11. Personalized Plant Setups

While I was working with Dissertation Assistance two years back, we conducted a survey. We found that most people prefer personalized planting in their rooms and living places.

For this, you can add questions to your online survey before your guest checks in to your hotel. Get their room decorated with their favorite flowers and make them feel special.

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Hotel Services That Attract Customers

There are so many more types of services in the hotel industry that you can offer to travelers and returning guests. However, the ones which I discussed above could be a game-changer for your hotel.

The amenities and services are important but don’t forget that what impacts your guest is how you and your staff behave with them. Having a constant learning process with your staff will keep in their mind how to deal with the guests

This will work for you and your hotel. 

Best of luck!

About the Author: Claudia Jeffrey is an external QA Editor At Crowd Writer, where she provides dissertation help in the UK to the pupils. She loves to play video games and guitar. Claudia loves to travel and has a great experience with different hotels and their services. She is also a regular reader of travel blogs.



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