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Paula Carreirão

September 10, 2020

rita e brendan blogpost

Hotel Cast #7: Empowering Hospitality Industry with Artificial Intelligence



How exactly can Artificial Intelligence help you, hotelier, do your daily job?  How many sales opportunities do you miss for taking too long to answer a potential guest’s request? Or do you know how much time you spend answering the same e-mails and chats?

To answer these questions and much more, we invited two AI Experts from HERA by Hotel ResBot: Rita Jusztina Varga, Co-Founder, and Brendan May, Managing Director. Besides working at Hotel ResBot, Rita Varga is the co-Founder of WHTT (Women in Hospitality and Travel-Tech), and Brendan May is a member of the Content Advisory Board for the leading European Revenue Management Certification and Education Program.

Listen to the episode here:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What Artificial Intelligence actually is;
  • Why AI should be used in hospitality;
  • Different AI applications in hotels;
  • The advantages of AI in customer/guest service;
  • The perfect team: humans and AI providing the best experience.

More about Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Artificial Empathy

Do you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in hospitality? Take a look at this piece written by Cristal Bukler, Tourism Researcher & Hospitality Specialist. She discusses the question: Can chatbots be more human-like in hospitality through Artificial Empathy?

She starts by explaining what empathy is. After that, the text covers what effective computer is and the importance of understanding what travelers want. The author finishes the article by disclosing what it takes to make an IA chatbot show artificial empathy.

Read the article on Artificial Empathy in the hospitality industry here.

AI Chatbots

What if you could get from 70 – 98% opening ratios on your hotel’s digital marketing campaigns? This is how the hotel marketing coach Are Morch starts his article about the power of AI chatbot in the hotel industry.

In this piece, he explains why chatbots became trendy and how they can personalize and improve the hotel customer experience.

Read the article on How chatbots can leverage the hotel customer experience here.

Does your hospitality business already use AI? Let us know about your experience!



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