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Paula Carreirão

December 3, 2020

Asksuite and Revinate CAPA

Asksuite and Revinate Announce Technical Integration



Hoteliers benefit from rich guest data to power email personalization and drive more direct bookings

Asksuite and Revinate are thrilled to announce an integration that allows hoteliers to build stronger relationships with guests and convert more direct bookings. Named 2020 Best Chatbot and Live Chat by Hotel Tech Report, Asksuite is the perfect data capturing engine for Revinate Hotel CRM, the multiple-time award-winning guest data platform built to help hotels create tailor-made relationships with guests.

With Asksuite, rich guest data is captured as prospective guests chat with hotel representatives. If a prospect is ready to book, the chat functionality helps drive the customer to book directly by allowing the representative to answer questions and provide additional information.

If the customer isn’t ready to book, they likely provided details in the chat that could be leveraged for marketing efforts. This data is automatically sent to Revinate to power richer segmentation and personalization for marketing and better on-stay experiences.

“We strongly believe in the power of partnerships between the leading platforms in the industry. We’ve always heard great things about Revinate’s platform and certainly, this integration will greatly help Revenue and Marketing teams improve their sales performances. Our tool spots many potential clients all year long and now, with the integration, those leads that are not converted through the chatbot’s interaction can be engaged in automatic follow-ups and future campaigns through Revinate.” – Bianca Barga – Sales Director North America at Asksuite

Some examples of the data collected during the chat include the type of trip (group, individual, family, event quote) and inability to book due to no room availability. In addition, Asksuite chatbot can collect information about how the traveler found the hotel. (e.g. utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign.)

With the Asksuite and Revinate integration, hoteliers benefit in five ways, including:

  • increase lead generation list
  • send leads automatically to Revinate
  • automate follow-ups for those who don’t book on the first chatbot interaction
  • increase revenue and direct bookings
  • increase the commercial and marketing staff’s productivity

asksuite and revinate

Savvy hoteliers recognize the value of guest data to enable more targeted communication. Chat conversations are proving to be a great way to capture this critical data and with it, hoteliers can engage guests before their arrival, through personalized and automated email communication, the smartest, most cost-efficient way to generate hotel demand.

Get your free DEMO of Asksuite and Revinate here >>



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