Asksuite Named Best Chatbot in the 2021 HotelTechAwards

Jan 11, 2021 | Technology & Innovation | Reading Time: 4 minutes

We’re excited to share that Asksuite has been named 2021’s #1 Website Livechat & Chatbot by Hotel Tech Report. This is the second year in a row that the company wins the international prestigious award, consolidating its position as the global leader in hotel chatbots in the world.


The HotelTechAwards are produced by Hotel Tech Report, the leading authority on hotel software and digital transformation in the hotel industry. The HotelTechAwards rank the world’s best hotel software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

“Each month Hotel Tech Report helps more than 100,000 hoteliers research and vet technology partners for their properties. Winning a HotelTechAward is the highest achievement in the industry because it’s based on real data. Hoteliers trust this award when making purchase decisions because scoring is transparent and participation is ubiquitous amongst the most reputable vendors in the industry,” says Jordan Hollander, CEO of Hotel Tech Report.

The lists are based on data from over 10,000 verified customer reviews during the HotelTechAwards period. Check this example from an Asksuite Customer:

Asksuite has improved our Facebook AD campaigns’ performance. We provide faster and better responses to our prospects that contact us via inbox on Facebook Messenger. We also obtain more email addresses and phone numbers since their chatbot was installed on our page. In the first quarter of 2020 our sales coming from Facebook have reached their top record” says one Community Manager from Cancun.

Reviews from verified users of Asksuite highlight features like the omnichannel messaging platform, seamless direct booking process, user experience. Customers also widely praised Asksuite for its customer-centric culture and innovative spirit.

This recognition from Hotel Tech Report validates the hard work we’re doing at Asksuite to help revenue, marketing, and sales hotel teams to increase direct bookings and optimize operational service tasks. We have a 97% recommendation rate, and it clearly shows that we are succeeding in delivering a top digital service experience between hotels and potential guests” says Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO at Asksuite.

What’s more, in January 2021, Asksuite reached 15 million travelers assisted by text messaging, helping hundreds of hotels on all continents.

Travelers are connecting with hotels on multiple channels such as Social media (Facebook, Instagram), Text Messaging Applications (WhatsApp, Wechat, SMS), and Website Chats. We are providing the possibility of an instant reply about the property and quotes directly through these channels. Our mission is to continue delivering the top omnichannel direct booking experience, which is why I believe we’ve been considered the world’s leading solution for hotels for two consecutive years.” says Rodrigo Teixeira.

The HotelTechAwards are often referred to as “the Grammys of Hotel Tech” and winners have been selected from more than 200 of the top technology products around the world. The HotelTechAwards are the industry’s only data-driven awards platform with winners determined not by a handful of judges or popularity votes but by product reviews from a global community comprised of thousands of verified hotel technology users across more than 120 countries.

“This isn’t a subjective list based on a few peoples’ opinions,” explains Hotel Tech Report CEO, Jordan Hollander. “With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of product and services, and highest quality data, Hotel Tech Report analyzes more than 100,000 data points to determine the best products in the market.”

With over 1,760 software companies on Hotel Tech Report, Asksuite is honored to be recognized in the competitive Website Livechat & Chatbot category for 2021, again!

Besides the award for best hotel solutions, Hotel Tech Report also surveys thousands of industry insiders to find the best hospitality jobs and employers globally. Asksuite is honored to announce that, again, for the second year in a row, we are listed as one of the 10 Best Places to Work in the world by Hotel Tech Awards, which features companies who foster wonderful work environments for employees.

“I’m really proud of our entire team! They did an amazing job during this crazy 2020 helping each other while working from home, and assisting our customers to overcome the pandemic,” concludes Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO of Asksuite Hotel Chatbot.

It’s time to celebrate!

Hotel Tech Report is the world’s largest online community for technology insights and digital transformation strategies in the massive hotel industry. Our mission is to arm hotel owners and managers with the tools they need to leverage modern digital technologies and solve real-world business problems. Everything that we do is built upon a foundation of trust and transparency provided by the authentic verified peer and expert reviews. Each month we help nearly 100,000 hoteliers learn about technology solutions and strategies that make their properties more efficient and solve their most pressing business problems.

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