Hotel Cast #1: Mastering Revenue Management with Christoph Hütter

Feb 21, 2020 | Ask & Talk | Reading Time: 2 minutes

In our first episode of Hotel Cast, we chat with Christoph Hütter, a revenue strategy consultant and a “non-traditional revenue manager”. With over 16 years of experience in the hotel industry working in three different countries, Christoph Hütter develops tools for hotel revenue optimization and productivity boost, helping hotels increase profitability.

As a data-driven Revenue Manager, Hütter believes that technology and Artificial Intelligence will cause a great impact on hotel revenue performance and the hotel business as a whole.

In our chat, we talk about good practices in revenue management and the importance of the context to understand data. Hütter gives examples of data hotels need to gather in order to create the best revenue strategy and how technology can help revenue managers. He even shares his thoughts about big market players, such as Google and Trivago, and the impacts of recent developments in the hotel industry.

Ah! And Hütter let us know what skills he thinks a good revenue manager should have — spoiler: it has nothing to do with numbers!

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In this episode, we talk about:

      • What Revenue Management is today — it’s not only numbers ;
      • If Revenue Management systems are doing all the work already;
      • Is it a question of man against machines;
      • What are the right questions a Revenue Manager must ask (with practical examples);
      • Which skills must a good revenue manager have;
      • What is a Revenue Culture inside of a hotel;
      • Trivago case of misleading consumers.

More on Revenue Management:

If you have more questions about Revenue Management, feel free to connect with Christoph Hütter on LinkedIn. He will gladly talk to you and answer your questions. ?

For more information about revenue management and productivity, check this previous interview with Christoph Hütter on our blog:

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