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November 22, 2021

mobile marketing for hotels x

How Mobile Marketing Will Help Your Hotel to Gain More Exposure



The Internet is rapidly turning into a basic necessity in our everyday lives. People go online to search for information on various topics. As a result, mobile marketing has grown exponentially, from SMS marketing to the pop-up ads that appear when you’re playing online games such as the Book of Ra.

Most of us are usual culprits on e-commerce sites online, always on a shopping mission. So it would come as no surprise that we would go to the same tools to find a hotel.

That should be a wake-up call for you to invest in a campaign to get your hotel brand known to tourists. If you’re still skeptical of how mobile marketing helps grow your publicity, here’s why this strategy works.

Why Hotel Mobile Marketing is Important

As a hotel owner, the one thing you cannot afford to forgo is marketing. Getting your name known within the industry and beyond is every hotelier’s ambition, no matter how big or small the hotel. The more recognition you have within the realm of tourism and travel, the higher your chances of growing.

Whenever most people plan to take vacations, they find themselves relying heavily on online travel agencies to help them pick a hotel. A quick search on Google for ‘The best hotel in XXX’ on their mobile phone will lead them to one of two places: a hotel site or an online travel agency.

Mobile marketing for hotels encourages:

  • Ease of access
  • Potential for going viral
  • Instant processing of transactions
  • Efficiency in terms of cost
  • Enhance personalization
  • Minimizes drop-off rates as customers can interact with your brand on the go.

Mobile marketing is remarkable because of how it targets individuals from wherever and whenever, in real-time. Furthermore, increasingly more bookings are being made via mobile phones, an essential component of any hotel marketing strategy.

If you run a hotel and are looking for viable strategies to help you win in the hospitality sector, this post is for you. We will delve into the nitty-gritty of modern-day mobile marketing tools you can use to achieve the exposure you require.

Top 5 Hotel Mobile Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Exposure

1. Mobile Website Version

In your mobile marketing plan, you cannot overlook the impact of a mobile-friendly website on your hotel business. These digital platforms download faster, give brief and concise text information, minimalistic visuals, and easy-to-use booking engines. These features make mobile sites essential for contemporary, frenetic travel consumers.

The standards of a mobile web vary from those of the traditional desktop Internet. Mobile consumers’ attention spans are much shorter, so they have limited time to browse than desktop users. Optimize your local SEO so that your hotel is accessible on mobile SERPs.

2. Optimize Email

The use of email as a digital marketing tool is a proven way to enhance brand engagement, especially if you have limited time to spare. The majority of individuals will check their email on their smartphones rather than on their computers. More than 50% of emails are viewed on a mobile device, making it critical that you optimize all emails for mobile viewing. 

Divide your email into separate paragraphs, each with its title and graphics. One crucial element to remember is that each section should focus on a specific idea. It would be best to prioritize your messages, placing the most important ones in the first and last positions. Research shows that people recall the first and last emails they get.

Some of the most well-known hotel brands are now avoiding spamming emails in favor of tailored, permission-based marketing, with excellent outcomes.

Learn more about how you can turn an endless email demand into guest satisfaction in this article.

3. Social Media Apps

Get the most out of your social media presence as a practical approach to increasing your followers’ engagement via mobile phone apps. Provide incentives such as gifts, vouchers, or discounts via mobile competitions and games.  For instance, game developers use perks such as casino bonuses to attract new clients through social media. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help you gain more exposure. Hotels must engage audiences when they are most receptive to new ideas and eager to be inspired.

For instance, answering guests’ queries and establishing a brand image that inspires trust inspires the notion of excellent service. Instead of focusing on social posts on deals or promotions, strive to connect with the user and show a destination through the consumer’s eyes. For instance, 360 videos on channels like YouTube are a great way to share your posts with customers, other travelers, and photographers.

And just like in-game mobile marketing, invest in advertising to reach more people. Banner ads, pop-up ads, video ads, and full-page ads are some great choices.

What impression does your hotel have on your guests based solely on what they see online? Your social media presence reflects on your brand! Projecting the right online image is crucial nowadays. Sarah Dandashy and Paula Carreirão discussed the importance of a good social media experience for travelers in this incredible Webinar [How Your Hotel’s Social Media Impacts The Traveler Experience For Better or Worse] Find out tips on how to deal with negative feedback and how to create content for travelers!


4. SMS Marketing

Texting has surpassed phone calls as the most common mode of communication. Consumers are more inclined than ever to communicate with brands via messaging apps. Thus, it’s the advent of SMS marketing. Using texting apps helps you to:

  • Improve your customer service.
  • Interact with consumers.
  • Develop a strategy for marketing and promotion

5. Attention-Grabbing Content

Hotels can pique a prospective customer’s interest by producing engaging travel content highlighting the hotel in question. Consistent content will also aid in improving SEO and driving traffic to a hotel’s website. 

Building a regular blog that may help people plan their vacation, provide inspiration, and much more is a terrific method to produce great content. Come up with compelling content marketing strategies.

The graphics, reviews, content, and descriptions in your online portfolio can either entice or repel users. Those who provide detailed information about their property have a higher chance of being booked. 

Concise hotel descriptions and neighboring sites of interest are essential for ensuring that customers understand what sets your facility apart from the one around the corner.

A simple guide to quick improvements in copywriting. Learn the best practices for writing and presenting your hotel website content; and quick tips for writing or improving your hotel website copywriting. [Hotel Website Copywriting] Written by Juliana Hahn, content creator and copywriter specialized in writing for the hospitality and tourism industry.

Take Away

Mobile marketing strategies are becoming increasingly significant in the hospitality business, and this trend appears like it’s here to stay for years. Smartphones have become the leading media resource, and hotel companies have discovered that it is a highly successful means of communicating with their clients.

Use mobile-friendly websites, emails, text messages, unique content, and social media apps to increase your hotel exposure. It is no secret; hotel mobile marketing leads to increased bookings, enhanced visibility, and, of course, a more solid brand identity in the hospitality industry.

How did you attract clients using marketing strategies?  Let us know in the comments section below.

About the author: Thomas Glare started into online marketing when he was hired as a copywriter for a small agency in Leeds. He rapidly wanted to learn more about marketing strategies. He started experimenting on his blog until he figured out he had a natural knack for this. Since then, he has collaborated with various publications, sharing tips on improving digital marketing strategies.



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