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January 27, 2022

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7 Killer Hotel Website Designs To Get Inspired



Hotel website design is thrilling and challenging. It should encompass your location, service quality, room cleanliness, operational sustainability, web marketing, promotional efforts, and staff professionalism.

Since most visitors seek it first, it’s also important to include your social media channels and some contact information on the home page. These things need to give off a professional attitude, and they’re all necessary for your website’s success.

The hotel sector didn’t have its best year in 2019 and 2020, and the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak are still being felt. Overall, occupancy rates fell by 82.3% internationally, and the hotel business suffered massive losses until spring 2021.

So, to start off on the right foot, let’s focus on the best hotel website design practices.

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Stunning ideas and template inspiration

Maintaining your internet presence, offering information about your business, and being ready to receive new consumers are all critical right now. Hotel website UI design comes in helpful since all potential guests will double-check restrictions in the target region, namely the hotel.

Creating a design for an online hotel is a fascinating and one-of-a-kind undertaking since it contains many aspects not found in other businesses.

The number of new features you can add to your hotel website design is vast and growing—an integrated booking system, weather/currency exchange plugins, and online meal ordering services are all examples of the best hotel websites out there.

Designing a hotel website is an exciting and demanding assignment for every designer because websites have become critical promotional and service-providing venues for hotels.

For example, customers evaluate the property based on the website’s usability and make reservations without leaving the page.

Web design at its best

Making a solid first impression is crucial for potential guests. Even classic inns may seek luxury hotel web design to attract more attention, which frequently shows guests they are in a unique location.

It may unconsciously show that, if the management team is concerned about the website’s perception, they’re likely to be worried about their level of service as well. As a result, many customers base their decision on the quality of your website.

A professionally designed website is now required for nearly all organizations, particularly in the hospitality industry. Guests want to know where they’ll be spending their ideal holiday.

As a result, your hotel website should represent the essence of your business and the overall image guests will have. And with luxury hotel web design, this is crucial.

What is the most significant aspect of hotel website design?

To create an elegant and stunning luxury hotel website design, you need to be aware of several industry-specific tips and methods.

You may use many templates as a starting point, but it’s always ideal to plan a design that follows the best practices.

A premium hotel with a default website is unthinkable. It serves as a business card, and the front page of a luxury hotel website should entice new clients and visitors.

While it’s great to have original hotel website design ideas from a creative mind, following some of these trends may also be beneficial, particularly when developing a hotel website.

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To begin, make a list of the aspects of your hotel that you want to showcase on the website and all the services you provide. With web design outsourcing, a team of experienced web designers is merely a click away.

The importance of imagery cannot be overstated

Most people planning a holiday or a business trip want to see what this or that hotel has to offer. The overview should have wonderful pictures of rooms and common areas, attractive views from the windows, and small items that provide a sense of home.

People may find it challenging to decide if this isn’t the case. This isn’t to say you should convert your entire website into a gallery. It’s key to balance superb photography and other design aspects, which are even more significant in hotels.

So, if you’re unsure about aesthetics, the creative approach, and layouts, it’s best to consult a professional designer. It’s too important to leave it up to chance when it comes to making it fit for potential guests.

Maintain a simple aesthetic

People frequently see complicated websites with hundreds of pages and words as crowded. When it comes to premium properties, basic and minimalistic websites are expected.

The design should seem organic and high-class. Save your consumers’ time by removing unnecessary information from your website. Although the primary page might be simple, don’t hide all vital data.

Prices and room availability, for example, should be just a few clicks away. If users can’t get on your website, it’s a sign that something is wrong. They’ll leave it.

Make good use of animation

We’re no longer in the 1990s when every other website flashes like a Christmas tree. It spiraled out of control, and many people still cringe at the sight of bright animation, but this doesn’t have to always be the case.

The jQuery and CSS3 allowed for the subtlety of animation, making it less grating and more sophisticated. Now, there’s even a name for it: non-distracting exuberance.

This might be a fantastic option for a top hotel website design. For example, you may show potential clients some tactics your hotel restaurant’s chef employs or how the window view changes with the seasons.

Bring broken grids to your attention

The grid acts as an invisible page marker, showing where all the items are. There are a lot of traditional website layouts that users expect to see.

The logo, for example, usually sits in the upper left or right corner of the page, whereas the CTA is found in the middle or left. As a result, predictability may be tedious at times.

This is why a shattered grid might be beneficial. It deviates from the norm and attracts more attention. Of course, there is no need to include a footer at the top of the page; otherwise, you risk disrupting the balance.

You can set accents on your website and make people see what you want them to see by using a little broken pattern.

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Allow your website to tell the tale

People frequently need to experience a hotel before reserving it, rather than having merely rational grounds for doing so.

With so much competition on the market, standing out may be difficult; but sharing your hotel’s narrative and the experience visitors can have there can be a game-changer. You may accomplish all of this with:

  • Videos
  • AnimationBlogs
  • Images
  • A collection of static pages

You may tell stories not just about the hotel, but also about local points of interest and beautiful landscapes, as well as about the individuals who make your establishment special. Describe everything else you can think of that will make folks feel something.

Make it responsive

The responsiveness trend isn’t going away soon. More and more individuals want to complete all they need online using only their smartphones. iPhone’s displays are growing in size, but that doesn’t mean websites can’t be responsive.

This is especially true for sites where users may do operations and order services, such as booking a hotel, paying, or ordering meals to be delivered to a room.

The design of a hotel’s mobile website is just as important as a desktop website. Once the website is complete, double-check that it functions properly and looks excellent.

Designing a hotel website with added value

Remember, there’s always something unique you can add to make your hotel’s tale more appealing.

Do you, for example, have a cow farm nearby and supply fresh milk to your guests? Create a page to showcase the scenery and how wonderful it is to wake up to a glass of fresh milk.

There’s always something fantastic happening at or around your hotel that may promote it. So, please make the most of this chance to get people’s attention and earn their trust. It doesn’t have to be the website’s major topic, but it won’t hurt.

Here are ten examples of the most fabulous hotel website designs for your inspiration. Of course, they’re all distinct, but they have recent trends that might help you design your approach.

Whether it’s a five-star resort on the beach or a collection of cozy cottages in the woods, the website design is crucial. It should also represent the goal’s ethos and provide potential visitors with a sense of how they’ll feel when visiting your hotel.

Below, we’ve compiled ten incredible examples for your hotel website design ideas, and we hope you find something useful. But, of course, the most remarkable method to learn how to set up a terrific website and market your business effectively and aesthetically is to browse other websites.

Refinery Hotel in New York

The dark colors and smaller lettering make this sample stand out. It does, however, appear to be modern and trendy, implying that the hotel is also about paying for style.

Beach Terrace Inn

This is an excellent example of how to use beautiful images. The stunning shot of ocean waves on a Californian shore is the first thing that every user sees. So, it’s a good starting point for additional investigation.

Aria Resort & Cassino

This website is straightforward and minimalist, giving it a more elegant appearance. The highlighted photos and the CTA urging viewers to book a room immediately get all attention.

Stanford Court

This website exhibits how a broken grid may alter white space perception and draw attention to the text and fundamental features. It also brilliantly captures the essence of San Francisco.

Maritime Hotel

The website of One & Only Hotel in Cape Town, an award-winning hotel, is stunning. It catches your eye right away, and the entire design of this hotel website screams grandeur, distinction, and elegance.

Vesper Hotel

Warm colors and stylish typography greet you on the website of the Vesper Hotel in Noordwyk, Netherlands. On the main page, you can see the dates and rooms. You may also check what local experiences they offer for the ideal holiday of your life.

Tourists Hotel

This hotel’s website makes you fall in love with its vistas and envisage your ideal holiday based just on the photographs. This alone is reason enough to pay close attention to this subject and not scrimp on a website design budget. The typography on the top page is reminiscent of vintage Woodstock posters, while the website educates us about the hotel and gives us the warm sensation of a lodge in the woods.

Casa Angelina

Everything about Casa Angelina’s main website screams luxury hotel web design. The website itself resembles a gorgeous fashion magazine page and effectively captures the character of the Italian seaside town.

Hotel Particulier

Visiting the website of the tiny hotel in Paris is like looking through a catalog of all the services it provides. With photographs of the rooms, hotel bar, and building outside, you can see that hotel Particulier indeed promotes a Paris hedonistic journey.

Hotel Website Design Inspiration

Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of how a great hotel website should look for your current and future guests. If you need some hotel web design ideas, web design companies can help. Their designs can assist you in making wonderful improvements to your website.

About the author: Munis is a renowned digital marketer at a top-notch web development company in the USA: Tekglide. He implements and manages all marketing strategies for the success of this brand. Munis loves to share his experience and wisdom through content writing to help beginners thrive and get successful. He’s also passionate about design and therefore, has knowledge of every part of marketing which makes him a true expert in the field.



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