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October 1, 2021


How to Use TikTok in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy



TikTok is growing exponentially and along with it, its marketing potential for businesses. With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, marketers simply can’t afford to ignore the scope of this social media platform’s reach.

While some niches tend to go viral more frequently than others, the travel tag on TikTok is one of the most popular, with currently over 50 billion views. Hotel owners and managers who use TikTok for hotel marketing gain access to this massive target audience.

If you’re not using TikTok yet, we highlighted some of the advantages of this new social media platform. Check it out!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform based on short videos and trending sounds. Those who have never used the app might be surprised by how intuitive it is.

As soon as the app opens, users are exposed to short videos on loop. Those with an account can like or comment on the video, while those without one can continue to swipe and discover more. These videos are usually played over a trending audio clip with most content creators taking advantage of popular sounds to go viral.

However, TikTok’s appeal and power lie in its ‘For You’ page or FYP algorithm.

“With each like, the app learns the user’s preferences and optimizes the lineup of videos to display specifically for that individual,” explains Edward Nunez, a business writer at Australian reviewer and Essay Roo. “As a result, most people spend hours scrolling through content on their FYP without even realizing.”

The Benefits Of TikTok For Hotel Marketing

As the number of TikTok users increases rapidly, the benefits of using TikTok as a hotel marketing tool increase with it.

As a video-based social media app, TikTok is the perfect hotel marketing tool to showcase everything your hotel has to offer travelers. Since the videos are short, hotels can use TikTok to give mini-tours of the property. This provides your target audience with glimpses of your hotel’s best amenities and most stunning views on a loop.

Mostly dominated by Gen Z and Millennial users, TikTok allows hotels to reach younger generations afflicted with a constant need to belong. Many of these young travelers rely on social media platforms to plan their trips. Coming across a TikTok of your hotel might just convince them to book with you when they travel to your city.

Since TikTok relies on an algorithm based on likes and viewing patterns to show each user optimal content, a TikTok of your hotel will almost always find its target audience. Hotel managers can leverage the algorithm to reach consumers who have a history of liking videos on travel, hotels, or your hotel’s city.

This is one of the greatest advantages of using TikTok for hotel marketing. The app ensures your videos reach their ideal consumer.

Furthermore, TikTok fosters the highest engagement rates per post out of all social media platforms. Hotel managers can capitalize on the high engagement of the platform to build relationships with their ideal consumers.

Another benefit of using TikTok as a hotel marketing tool is the high probability of a post going viral.

“To boost your chances of going viral, use trending sounds for your videos and pay attention to what other content creators are doing.” says Roy Mack, a marketing blogger at Best Australian writers and Revieweal.

How Hotel Owners Can Use TikTok For Hotel Marketing

TikTok rewards humor and creativity more than most social media apps. Therefore, hotel owners and managers should not be afraid to have fun with the content they post on TikTok. Another strategy is to aim for aesthetics since this is a valuable concept for TikTok users.

What impression does your hotel have on your guests based solely on what they see online? Your social media presence reflects on your brand! Projecting the right online image is crucial nowadays. Sarah Dandashy and Paula Carreirão discussed the importance of a good social media experience for travelers in this incredible Webinar [How Your Hotel’s Social Media Impacts The Traveler Experience] Find out tips on how to deal with negative feedback and how to create content for travelers!

Showcase Hotel Amenities

Creating and sharing beautiful videos of your hotel is one way to attract views, likes, and followers. As a marketing strategy, this is a brilliant way to highlight all the amenities your hotel can offer to potential travelers.

Remember to include any breathtaking views from the rooftop, balcony, or pool. Boast your chef’s talents by incorporating videos of the food travelers can expect from the hotel restaurant. As an owner or manager, you know your hotel’s strengths better than anyone. This is your chance to show TikTok users the hotel through your eyes.

Hotel Room Tours

Many hotel accounts on TikTok post gorgeous videos of their rooms. This allows your audience to insert themselves into your videos and imagine what it would be like to stay in one of your rooms. The more stunning the room and its views, the more likes you can receive.


City Side or Country Side? @megza bungalow #travel #hotels #vacations #turkey????????

♬ Shallow – Tommee Profitt, Fleurie

Partner With Influencers

There are countless travel influencers and accounts on TikTok that have gathered impressive amounts of followers. Hotels that are new to TikTok can collaborate with these accounts to instantly reach a larger audience.

For those not interested in a paid collaboration, many influencers on TikTok love to travel. If you offer them a free stay for a few nights at your property, chances are, they are going to make a TikTok about it.

Give A Behind The Scenes Look Into Your Hotel

Most businesses on TikTok prefer this content strategy because of its low effort. As a hotel owner or manager, it also allows you to appreciate your staff. You can introduce your TikTok audience to the people who work tirelessly to ensure their stay at the hotel goes smoothly.

In this episode of Hotel Cast, we talk with Craig Carbonniere, Senior Director of Sales at Milestone and a hotel industry veteran, about how to improve the guest experience and increase the revenue of a hotel. Valuable tips were given during our chat.

Find out Craig’s insights in this episode of Hotel Cast – Guest Experience That Drives Revenue:

Engage With Your Audience

As we already established, TikTok holds the highest engagement rates among all social media platforms. Hotels can benefit from this by connecting with potential customers. You can like or reply to comments on your videos or answer questions in the Q&A section of your profile. This is a great opportunity to cultivate relationships with current and future hotel guests.


How to Use TikTok in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

It’s not too late for hotel owners and managers to use TikTok in their hotel marketing strategy. The number of regular users on the app is growing at an incredible pace and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Though Gen Z and Millennials remain the primary audience of TikTok, older generations are becoming more active on the social media platform. Its audience reach, combined with its short video format, and the high potential for viral content makes TikTok ideal for hotel marketing.

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About the author: Christina Lee is a content development manager at Top essay writing services and Student writing services. She writes about marketing strategies and technology updates for such services, as Top Canadian Writers, and others.



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