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May 10, 2021

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Writing Converting Facebook Ad Campaigns For Hotels



Your hotel might be the best in the hospitality sector, but you can only get more visitors by launching a well-crafted ad campaign. Fortunately, platforms like Facebook have made it easier to start ad campaigns for your hotel.

But how can you get the best out of your hotel marketing campaign on Facebook?

The process is quite simple, but you need to master the essentials of setting up your ad to reach the target audience. In this guide, we’ll cover the best hotel ad practices for Facebook advertising.

But first, let’s discuss why you need ad campaigns for your hotel.

Why should you have Facebook ad campaigns for your hotel?

You might be wondering why not rely on email newsletters and other traditional marketing channels for promotion. The short answer is that Facebook provides more opportunities to express your brand’s message.

Without going any further, let’s look at the benefits of hotel marketing on Facebook:

  • Simple setup

Facebook provides an easy-to-use Ads management system for businesses. You can therefore easily configure the parameters you need for your marketing campaign. You can also specify the reach of the ad campaign. Conversely, email marketing requires the manual configuration of parameters — you even need to generate an email list for your campaign.

  • More brand exposure

Facebook has over 1.8 billion daily active users, making it one of the most used social networks globally. Moreover, users spend around $10 billion every quarter. With these figures in mind, Facebook ads for your hotel will maximize your exposure across multiple Facebook-owned platforms — WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

  • Better customer engagement

Whether you are using banner ads or native ads for hotel digital marketing, Facebook is the best platform for you. Hotel owners can configure their ad content to encourage further conversation. For example, you can use automated messages on Messenger as the first point of contact for customers. This personalized experience is valuable to hospitality online marketing.

Best advertising practices for writing Hotel Ads on Facebook

Hotel ads on Facebook cater to the on-the-move crowd. All they want is a straightforward ad that encapsulates the advantages of using your hotel. So, you should consider this factor when writing content for your hotel ad campaign.

Here are the best practices for writing hotel ads:

Write captivating headlines

The ad should contain a clear and concise header or tagline. Don’t write long essays about your hotel; nobody reads those anyway. Besides, users will only click an ad if they believe that it bears immense value — a mouth-watering hotel deal, in this case.

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Use family-friendly messaging

Facebook is a family-oriented platform. By this logic, your hotel can attract a larger crowd if you offer family-friendly services. So, use phrases like “for the entire family” and “you and your loved ones” in the content. You can also include a pet-friendly angle to increase your hotel ad’s appeal.

Promote a specific advantage

Don’t list generic benefits like “luxurious rooms” and “comfortable living”. Focus on specific benefits for hotel visitors. For example, if other hotels offer paid WiFi, you can stand out by highlighting the “Free Wifi” availability. You can also mention hotel loyalty programs to attract more ad clicks.

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Use Carousels and 360 views

The written content is vital, but only visual content can drive home the message. Use carousel ads and video content to complement the words in the hotel ad.

Show only the most eye-catching feature on the carousel or reel. You can also use close-ups of happy kids playing on the hotel’s premises as well as other user-generated content.

How do I advertise a hotel on Facebook?

Facebook hotel ads can seem daunting for first-timers. But once you get the hang of it, you can launch your ad campaigns in no time at all.

a notebook showing facebook log in page

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Facebook ad:

1. Create an account

You need an account to launch your hotel ad on Facebook. Personal accounts are acceptable, but a business account gives your business more credibility. So, create a Facebook page dedicated to your hotel. With this account, you can log in to your Facebook Business Suite dashboard.

2. Configure the ad campaign

Once you are on your dashboard, click on the ‘Create Ad’ button. From the displayed options, you can choose the specifics of your ad campaign. You can also manage your business’s assets, catalogs, and billing information.

3. Define your business’s objectives

Specify the goals of the hotel ad marketing. Do you want to increase conversions or leads? Are you interested in promoting a particular service? This is your opportunity to enter the ad message crafted by the content writer. Don’t forget to add an attention-grabbing image to the ad.

4. Select a target audience

You can limit the target audience by location, age, interests, or connection with the hotel. You will also get estimates regarding the potential reach of the ad while setting it up.

5. Choose the ad budget and duration

As a hotel owner, you can configure the ad based on your campaign’s target and duration. Most people choose between the pay-per-click and pay-per-impression models. For first-timers, the pay-per-click model is more lucrative. You can also set a duration or let the hotel ad run continuously.

6. Launch the ad and watch the numbers

Once everything is ready, launch the ad. Don’t forget to use ad reports to monitor the progress of your hotel marketing campaign. Use the acquired info to optimize the ad and generate new leads.

Final words on Hotel Ads on Facebook

Launching your hotel’s ad campaign on Facebook can be challenging at first, but once you master the process, you are guaranteed massive returns and sales. Tailor your message to your audience. Also, include user-generated content to make your ads more relatable. And don’t forget to keep it short.

About the author: Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and part-time academic writer at a college essay writing service. She is a qualified academic instructor with a Ph.D. from Stanford. Amanda is also a native English speaker with an intermediate understanding of German. Nowadays, she works with graduates and undergraduates, providing academic assistance with history-related courses.



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