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All traveler and reservation agent interactions in one Omnichannel Inbox 

With a user-friendly dashboard, we help hotels develop remarkable customer support and maximize revenue without losing the hospitality essence and the human touch. 

True Omnichannel

Travelers usually interact on at least 2 different service channels until they book. With our Omnichannel platform, we merge all interactions across different channels into one single chat history. The front desk or reservation agents don’t need to repeat the same questions travelers have already been asked before in other interactions.


Artificial Inteligence and Human Agents working together

Set up your service strategy by determining the AI and agents’ active hours per service channel in the system. Or keep the AI chatting 24/7 ensuring immediate responses with smart handover for your reservation agents.


Room Quotes in seconds with Booking Engine Integration

Compose professional proposals with room pictures, descriptions and rates without leaving the Inbox. Asksuite connects with more than 200 booking engines, so your reservation agent can get real-time availability and send quotes in seconds.


It’s not a help desk. It’s an inbox designed for hotels.

We automatically tag all the revenue opportunities to qualify all leads interacting via chat, social media, email or phone call to your reservation team.


Shared templates Faster responses

100% customizable templates for every service channel help agents provide ultra-fast and standardized service. When travelers receive high-quality and quick responses, it gives them the security to go ahead and book.


Centralize all these service and reservation channels in Asksuite’s Omnichannel Inbox

A More Efficient Way to Talk to Travelers & Boost Bookings

Elevate your hotel's customer service with the latest in technology and innovation


AI Reservation Assistant

Boost your hotel’s revenue and streamline operations with automated 24/7 customer service and personalized recommendations powered by our AI chatbot.



Connectivity is key to your team’s performance. Check out our integrations.