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Paula Carreirão

October 21, 2020


Hotel Cast #10: ICONIC Hospitality: How to Connect and Motivate Through Tough Times



“You don’t have to be perfect. Just be present.” That is one of the best advice Calvin Stovall, Chief Experience Officer of ICONIC Presentations, LLC, gives to hospitality leaders in episode #10 of the Hotel Cast podcast.

In times when we feel so uncertain about everything, the key is to do what you can and be true to others to yourself, says Calvin Stovall. He reminds us that is crucial to “stay connected even though we are remote” and the only way to build a real connection is by being genuine.

Listen now to Stovall’s inspiring insights:

blog post calvin stovall

In this podcast, Calvin talks about:

  • The importance of the mindset – keep the positivity;
  • Be real and create real connections;
  • Practical examples of what you can do now for your future;
  • How to stay motivated and motivate your team.

During the interview, it’s pretty obvious why Calvin Stovall is ICONIC in what he does and how authentic he is. He walks the talk, for sure! And it’s also amazing the power that he has.

As soon as he mentioned that there are some people struggling at home with technology, we experienced an internet disruption. It was such perfect timing that we decided to keep it that way. As Stovall, says; “Speak to the universe and see what happens”.

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