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Maria Anjos

August 18, 2021

Hotel Cast Hospitality Guest Experience Craig Sullivan

Hotel Cast #19: Hospitality, Guest Experience & Conferences with Craig Sullivan



In this episode of our Hotel Cast Podcast, Craig Sullivan talks about hospitality, guest experience, and the beginning of in-person conferences in the industry. We also talk about the changes in the hospitality industry post-covid-19, as well as how hotels can improve their services by recruiting the right staff, and much more. 

Craig Sullivan is the Founder and President at CLIC, California Lodging Investment Conference, and is recognized as an expert in California hospitality, lodging, investment, and commercial real estate development. 

Besides the insightful tips about service improvement in hospitality, Craig also talks about the changes and challenges hotels face after the covid-19 pandemic and what guests are expecting for hotels right now. 

We also talk about:

  • education in the hospitality industry 
  • the importance of making the guest feel safe and comfortable
  • the importance of following online trends 
  • the guests experience in your hotel 
  • Upcoming in-person hospitality events 

At the end of the episode, Craig surprises us with an exclusive invitation for the upcoming event organized by CLIC. You really need to listen to the episode to find out about the exclusive discount! Listen to the podcast here and enjoy:

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Hotel Cast #18: The Guest Experience That Drives Revenue with Craig Carbonniere

In this episode of Hotel Cast, we talk with Craig Carbonniere, Senior Director of Sales at Milestone and a hotel industry veteran, about how to improve the guest experience and increase the revenue of a hotel. Valuable tips are given during our chat.

Find out Craig’s insights in this episode of Hotel Cast – Guest Experience That Drives Revenue:

We also talk about:

  • What’s new in Guest Experience pre, during, and after the stay
  • Where guests are spending money
  • How to increase revenue
  • How to use the marketing teams to attract potential guests

Hotel Cast #17: Commissions in Hotel Sales with Jutta Moore

“Don’t oversell”, advises Jutta Moore, Revenue Management Consultant and Director of Moore Hotel Consulting in this episode of Hotel Cast.

Listen to the episode here:

In this conversation, we cover:

  • Technology: How to get the best results from it;
  • Skills: What abilities a Reservation agent and a Sales person should have;
  • Training and Empowerment: What the best Sales strategies are;
  • Commissions: How to structure them – measurable and achievable

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