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Evelin Lima

January 10, 2023

BLOG POST [SOCIAL] HTR Best Livechat & Chatbot ( ×  px)

Asksuite Wins 3 HotelTechAwards Including #1 Best AI Booking Assistant for the 4th Consecutive Year



We’re excited to announce that we were ranked #1 on Hotel Tech Report’s Global Best Livechat & Chatbot list in the 2023 HotelTechAwards for the 4th year in a row. That’s not all, we’re listed 5th People’s Choice Award, and 3rd Best Place to Work!

Over 800,000+ hoteliers visited HTR during this year’s awards period, contributing more than 16k+ new verified product reviews, making this the most competitive year in HotelTechAwards history.

Despite facing such staggering numbers, Asksuite remains undefeated, scoring the winning position as the #1 Live Chat & Chatbot Solution for the 4th consecutive year. Asksuite achieved a 100/100 score with 417 reviews and 33 partner recommendations, having been recommended by 98% of hoteliers.

“2022 was a great year for Asksuite. We brought a lot home, and this 2023 award cements our position as a company that’s well aware of the impact customer service and communication can have in increasing hotels’ direct bookings and revenue. For 2023, we’ll continue to ensure fewer communication breaks between travelers and hotels, empowering reservation agents to increase service and sales productivity with agility in the service process, sharp management control, and a reduction in the loss of engagement, turning conversion rate into sales,” Asksuite’s CEO, Rodrigo Teixeira, commented about the award.

 #5 People’s Choice Awards

Hotelier's Choice Badge ()With over 200 of the top technology companies in the world competing in the Hotel Tech Awards, we’re honored to be recognized in such competitive categories for 2023. Asksuite also ranked #5 in People’s Choice Awards, which is the most competitive Hotel Tech Award category because it compares the most influential companies across the board, the ones to watch!

This award confirms we’re among the most customer-centric organizations, and it recognizes companies whose customers strongly value relationships and partnerships. We’ve reached a Level III Global Support Certification by Hotel Tech Report, ending 2022 on a higher note.

“We love the way the software is intuitive. It enables customers to have questions answered swiftly. We are impressed by the support team, who are very helpful and always offer advice and ways to improve the offering. Our chatbot has reduced the number of calls we receive, shown us areas of interest for our customers, and enabled us to upsell. Bravo!” says one manager of a luxury hotel in the UK.

 #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot

Live Chat & Chatbot BadgeAfter winning 2020, 2021, and 2022, Asksuite is the unquestionable leader, as we were chosen as the #1 AI booking assistant solution for hotels in 2023 as well.

Some of the criteria the winner of Livechat & Chatbots category should offer include handling questions intelligently, fast-reply speed, multichannel coverage, multiple languages, natural tone, and integrations that encourage direct bookings and upselling.

You can browse the hundreds of verified Asksuite reviews that exemplify how we’ve earned the position as #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot by visiting our official page on Hotel Tech Report.

This December, we reached the impressive mark of 200M messages exchanged to assist travelers, helping thousands of hoteliers from around the world offer fast responses while never allowing leads to go cold.

“We love the way the software is intuitive. It enables customers to have questions answered swiftly. We’re impressed by the support team, who are very helpful and always offer advice and ways to improve the offering. Our chatbot has reduced the number of calls we receive, shown us areas of interest for our customers, and enabled us to upsell. Bravo!” says one manager of a luxury hotel in the UK.

Our tech wizards keep working to showcase an innovative product, featuring more than 250 integrations with a range of tech solutions, advanced AI and natural language, and omnichannel software with an easy interface. We launched more than 40 features in 2022 only. The results are skyrocketing sales growth and increased productivity.

The reviews for Asksuite highlight our 360° platform and favorite features such as a seamless direct booking process, integration compatibility, partner network strength, customer support quality, implementation, and market share, among others.

#3 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2023

Best Places to Work BadgeAdditionally, we ranked #3 Best Place to Work, which means Asksuite fosters a wonderful work environment for employees.

As the demand for talent has never been greater, ranking #3 overall best place to work signifies that some of the most sought-after professionals in the market choose to be a part of our company and help it deliver higher-value service.

Why are HotelTechAwards important?

The Hotel Tech Report is the leading authority on hotel software and digital transformation in the hotel industry. The Awards rank the world’s best hotel software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

The lists are based on data from over 16,000 verified customer reviews written and published between September–December 2022, with participation from every major hotel brand and thousands of independents.

“This isn’t a subjective list based on a few peoples’ opinions,” explains Hotel Tech Report CEO, Jordan Hollander. “With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of products and services, and highest quality data, Hotel Tech Report analyzes more than 100,000 data points to determine the best products in the market. As many parts of the world head into recession, capturing highly profitable direct bookings will become more important than ever, and Asksuite’s clients rave about the ability of their chatbot product to do exactly that.

Even the best hotel websites have information that’s hard for market buyers to find. Answering those critical questions in real time could mean the difference between converting a booker and losing the booking to an OTA or competitor. It’s no secret why 98% of Asksuite’s clients highly recommend the product to their peers on HotelTechReport.com/Asksuite.”

And the list goes on…

This wasn’t the only award we won recently. We’ve also been named Best Hotel Chatbot by World Travel Tech Awards in the last quarter, and our podcast, Hotel Cast, was recognized as the #2 Podcast for Hospitality for 2021 by International Hospitality Institute.

Our platform has developed enormously over the past years, and the solution today provides full customer service backup that enables hotel reservation agents to improve sales performance while decreasing the operational demand through Artificial Intelligence. Get in touch with a specialist to receive a free demo!




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