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Paula Carreirão

November 11, 2019

hotel technology for perfect guest

Hotel Technology for Perfect Guest Service



It’s undeniable that hotel technology is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. There are many technologies in the hotel industry for perfect guest service and to make the hotel’s operation smoother: PMS, virtual reality, chatbots. 

However, there are hoteliers that still believe that technology is an expensive superfluous, that doesn’t give much back. But it’s crucial to understand that to invest in technology is to invest in guest experience. And, in the competitive business world, it is the guest experience that has the power to attract new clients and to retain the acquired ones.

Many factors impact the traveler’s journey and the technology in the hotel industry has much to offer so their stay is without turbulence. Either by simplifying check-in and check out processes, speeding up services or by simply enchanting with “tech-tools” in the rooms, the partnership between humans and robots is here to stay.


That is why hotels from around the world are investing in technology. The Evolution Lisboa Hotel in Portugal, the Yothel in New York in the USA or the Peninsula Tokyo in Japan are some of the examples of hotels that are already in front of the competition.

We are in the Digital Age and impatience. Everybody wants practicality, facility, and enchantment. Thus to invest in technology is vital for the financial health of your lodging.

We brought here some of the hotel techs available in order to know, attract and create a loyalty bond with your guests. The menu is long and fits any goals and budgets you might have. Are you ready?

Room comfort: go beyond king size beds

Millennial or not, everybody likes to play with technology n the comfort of a hotel room. LED TV, wireless charger, docking stations, light control, automatic control of room temperature are some of the technologies that hotels have already incorporated.

The Evolution Lisboa Hotel is a great example of innovation combined with coziness. Having modern urban travelers in mind, the hotel intends to break the traditional model of the hotel industry, offering comfort and convenience to guests during the whole experience of the stay.

Through a mobile app or directly through a TV, guests can control everything in the room, like for example, lighting and air conditioning. Furthermore, guests can receive messages from the hotel (like visits warnings), avoiding conflicts caused by lack or poor communication between hotel and guests.

There are a few hotels that are betting in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to impress clients. A great example is the V-ROOM, a virtual reality kit of the famous hotel chain Marriott. The kit allows the guest to experience other places without leaving the room. Is life copying a video game?


The truth is that today guests are more demanding. To have high-speed wifi doesn’t impress much anymore. it’s just the basics. So you need to go beyond! Surprise your guest with innovation and become an emotional memory that he/she will remember when booking next time.

Agility in service: no one likes to wait

Express check-in and check out, housekeeping software, chatbots, robot-concierge, online bookings. Those are some of the services that benefit from the advance in technology in the hotel industry.

A well-known example is Connie, the Hilton’s concierge-robot. Using robotic, the hotel chain is able to offer a fast and efficient service to all guests. To be served by a robot is not an exclusivity of the Jetsons!

In Portugal, the app LUGGit came to respond to a demand of hotels that don’t have a storage room for guests to keep their baggage while waiting for check-in or waiting for their plane after check out. The app brings your luggage when and wherever you want.

Waiting for service can ruin the guest experience. Increase your efficiency without having to necessarily increase your costs. Technology is at your disposal. Use it!

Data collection: hotel technology allied to the personalization of service

A lot of people think that technology can standardize so much services that the charm of personalized service is gone. But in a way, this is not the case.

Yes, technology can standardize customer service, but it can do more than that. With it, it is possible to collect data from travelers, which gives the hotel the possibility to offer a unique experience based on the collected data.

With an omnichannel platform, it is possible to know better your clients and take action. To help this mission, there are chatbots with artificial intelligence that capture leads and secure the online presence in the major communication channels.

Besides, while the robot answers repetitive questions, the hotelier has more time to focus on other activities, like providing a special souvenir to a guest or to negotiate a group booking that demands full attention. Technology also provides to hoteliers precious time to be able to focus on what matters the most: the guest.

The data collection through technology is a true pot of gold for Marketing, that can direct campaigns more precisely. Targeting campaigns better increases the chances of sales. You should know who you are talking to!

Technologies in the hotel industry and customer experience

Technology is part of our routine, you can’t deny it! To enchant your guest it is necessary to go beyond free wifi. The combination of a well prepared and customer-oriented team with hotel technologies is the assurance of excellent service and a fantastic experience.

More than an expandable accessory to improve guest experience, to invest in technology is a smart strategy in the battle for travelers. Optimize operations and gain more time to do what is most important in the hotel: to welcome your guests.

You don’t need to tackle everything at once. Examine which fields your hotel is more deficient e focus on them.

Don’t stay behind in the competition: the price for doing nothing might be higher than investing in technology

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