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Paula Carreirão

February 24, 2021


Hotel Cast #13: Hotel Technology Trends 2021 Podcast



“If the management team is not behind the product and educate the staff, and the staff doesn’t feel comfortable, then the guest won’t use it”, says Brendon Granger, Hotel Tech Expert and Chief Experience Officer at Technology 4 Hotels, about hotel technology.

In this episode of Hotel Cast, we discussed hotel technology trends in 2021 and the impact of the pandemic in the adoption of technologies in hospitality both for hoteliers and guests. Listen to the episode here:

Brendon Granger has been educating the industry about the benefits of technology for years and now is focused on working directly with hoteliers to help them provide the ultimate Guest and Team Experience.

You will learn in this episode:

  • Brendon’s career in the hospitality industry;
  • The adoption of technology by guests;
  • The chain management of hotel technology;
  • The importance of using the right technology for the right problem;
  • Hotel technology trends

According to the Expert, more than 60% of guests actually do web check-in to a flight, but currently in hotels is less than 5%. This says a lot about how traditional the hotel industry still is. However, the pandemic is speeding up the adoption of technology, especially contactless.

Don’t miss out on this episode and learn valuable tips on how to best use technology in your property.

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There are great episodes with much value in every panel. And more is yet to come!

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