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Evelin Lima

March 24, 2022

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Asksuite Partners With HotelREZ, Boosting Up Technology Advances And The Future Of Communication



Asksuite, global leader in omnichannel solutions, has integrated with HotelREZ, one of the world’s leading providers of hotel distribution, revenue, sales, and marketing services.

Both companies are global specialists, providing hotels of all sizes with smart and thorough strategies to boost revenue. The integration will help create positive change for hotels and travelers alike.

The partnership will help hotels reach targets with amazing results, saving time, and building meaningful engagement with the right guests, based on metrics.

Here is how you can benefit from the partnership:

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1. Easy and insightful tools to seamlessly reach travelers all across the globe

The right technology efforts from both mission-driven companies already show signs of growth and will help hoteliers drive actions and reservations.

Hoteliers gain empowering support, integrating Asksuite’s innovative Omnichannel solution to HotelREZ’s distribution, marketing, revenue, and sales technology.

Asksuite Partners With HotelREZ

Asksuite’s CEO, Rodrigo Teixeira, shares high hopes for the future of both companies:

“We’re thrilled by this partnership. We always look for strategic partners which, just like us, strive to bring success to customers. I’m certain the combination of our solutions and services will facilitate an outstanding delivery for both companies.”

HotelREZ Director of Strategic Partnerships, Catt McLeod explains, “We’re always on the lookout for best-in-class partners who can complement the services that HotelREZ delivers; driving more direct business to our members and helping them stay independent and compete worldwide.

“Pre-stay guests need to be able to communicate with hotels in real-time to have their queries answered; receiving the high level of 24/7 service that they expect. Asksuite enables this in a multilingual and omnichannel environment.”

2. Automation-driven efforts made easy

The  partnership not only help hotels streamline revenue growth and connect to potential guests, but it facilitates all automation-driven efforts with a flexible and intuitive booking engine and 24/7 costumer support.

Automatic responses are personalized to the point many travelers don’t even notice that they are talking to a machine. Still, hotels hesitate in adopting these kinds of services. It’s good to remember that in order to amaze customers, you need to be available in the first place.

Make the most out of the possibility of offering  support through the customer-centric automation of repetitive and low-value tasks, allowing staff to focus on complex problem-solving and meaningful marketing strategies, built intelligently with  HotelREZ’s resources.

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3. Hoteliers need an integrated guest communication strategy and technology stack

Utilizing Asksuite enables hotels to electronically provide the same high level of service and guest communication as the guest experiences at the hotel.

Asksuite and HotelREZ are trusted companies which provide independent hotels and resorts with resources and guides, so it only makes sense the two join forces and expertise to come up with even more forward-thinking solutions to grand and smaller hospitality businesses.

Discover what else your hotel needs to stay in the game

There are other strong partnerships and integrations we’ve made sure to establish to provide our clients the most powerful tools in the market—all in no more than a few clicks.

Lead segmentation can bottleneck any marketing effort, and that’s the reason why Asksuite has partnered with your favorite platforms and systems. Leads captured by our chatbot can be streamlined  and analyzed in no more than a few minutes, helping hoteliers come up with  precise strategies, automated follow-up responses and, of course, boost bookings.

With our integrations, we not only take care of a huge marketing demand for hotels, but these businesses also get to straighten relationships and increase customer retention, since travelers are reached in the right stage of the customer journey.

What are you waiting for?

Asksuite is a global leader in omnichannel intelligent communication for hotels and resorts. Our mission is to make reservation, marketing, and revenue teams unstoppable, by turning service requests into direct bookings and revenue.

Our platform provides centralized control of all hotel communication channels with maximum automation.

Get started by taking a closer look at our integrations’ page or book a demo clicking on the button below:




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