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Paula Carreirão

December 1, 2020

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Hotel Cast #11: Housekeeping : From Supporting Role to Hotel Rock Star



There are so many changes in hotel procedures right now and the Housekeeping Department has surely suffered the biggest impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Once a supporting section inside operations, all eyes have turned to the hotel housekeeping. The table has turned!

To better understand how these changes affect both guests and housekeepers, we invited Svetlana Udalov, CEO & Founder at HKeeper Global, LLC for a talk in the Hotel Cast Podcast:

In this episode, you will listen to:

  • Svetlana’s background
  • the changes in the housekeeping operations
  • how technology can help the housekeeper experience
  • the strict connection between technology and costs
  • examples of what hotels can do to operate safely
  • Svetlana’s advice for Housekeeping Managers

By the way, we loved Svetalana’s motto: “Leave nothing for tomorrow that which can be done today!”

This is not the first time we interviewed Svetalana Udalov. In this exclusive, Svetlana shares with Ask Insights her company’s journey in the hotel industry and how hotel technology can help hoteliers with their daily demands. You can check out her first interview on this blog by click on the link below:

[Ask & Talk: the impact of hotel technology with Svetlana Udalov]

More About Hotel Operations

In this blog post, you can read Leticia Tavares, Director of Operational Excellence, insights into how to improve hotel operations and deliver an excellent service. As we all know, changes can be difficult to make and they might bring some resistance, but they are often necessary for better results or even survival.

Leticia shares great examples about how the optimization of processes can be done and explains in detail what her role is in a famous hotel chain. She also shares valuable tips of simple actions hotels can do to start getting results now.

Read the blog post on hotel operations here

Did you know that by automating some processes, you can save money? Take a look at this graphic designed by HKeeper:

automating processes save costs

About Hospitality Leadership

We interviewed hotel expert and leader Rupesh Patel to help us answer the question: how to be a good leader? Having started in the hotel industry at an early age, Rupesh Patel has done it all: from housekeeping to overcoming the big American crisis and becoming an owner of an award-winning hotel.

Rupesh shares his experience and the lessons he has learned over the years. As he said: to be a good leader, you need to truly care.

Read Rupesh’s full interview here

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