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Paula Carreirão

October 5, 2020


Hotel Cast #9: Reinvent Yourself and Keep the Love For The Hospitality Industry Burning



The love for hospitality is in the air. And everywhere you look around… in Kyle Allison’s life. The hospitality industry is in Kyle’s life since he was a child and even in the mids of the pandemic, his passion for the industry keeps going strong.

Like millions of hoteliers around the world, Kyle Allison suffered from the negative effects of the crisis. In this episode of Hotel Cast -Podcast, he tells us how he managed to reinvent himself and keep his love for the industry burning as Managing Partner & Podcast Host at Hospitality, M.D.

Kyle Allison shares with us:

  • how he started in the hotel industry;
  • his ups and downs in his journey as a hospitality professional;
  • his biggest challenge as a hotel professional;
  • why he thinks “Hospitality is everyone’s business”
  • his new adventure, The Hospitality, M.D. podcast

After hearing Kyle’s story, I guess it’s fair to say that hospitality is his true and only love and they are together for better and for worse. Do you feel the same?

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