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Evelin Lima

April 4, 2022

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WhatsApp Bulk Message Campaigns—boosted by Asksuite



What was great is getting even better with Asksuite’s brand-new feature: WhatsApp Bulk Message Campaign.

Asksuite was already well integrated with WhatsApp (as part of our Omnichannel solution—all in a single platform) but now hoteliers get to send bulk messages using our platform with the possibility of managing and tracking every action.

Data from WhatsApp campaigns will help you test, adapt, and analyze what is more profitable for your hotel, cutting unnecessary costs and investing in the potential guests who are ready to convert!

High consumer demand worldwide

While WhatsApp’s popularity changes from country to country (with the United States coming in third for the highest audience), one would be wise not to ignore the platform’s 2 billion monthly active users and presence in 180 countries.  No wonder Facebook, predicting WhatsApp’s unstoppable reach, went ahead and acquired it for $19 billion, ranking 4th in the biggest tech acquisitions of all time.

What are the major benefits of Asksuite’s WhatsApp Campaign?

Reach up to 1000 guests and potential guests

One of the main advantages of using WhatsApp Campaigns by Asksuite is that hoteliers get to send bulk messages to up to a thousand customers (whereas they can only reach 256 guests and potential guests on WhatsApp). It’s nearly 4 times more effective.

It can be done in no time

One of our customers is celebrating the fact it would take him 2-3 days to talk to 71 of his WhatsApp contacts. But now, using Asksuite’s platform, he was able to do that in 20 minutes—and this rendered him a booking!

The sky’s the limit

Hoteliers have an unlimited range of possibilities at their disposal now. Here are just some examples:

  • Send out a campaign to customers who’ve left an empty online cart behind.
  • Broadcast bulk messages to travel agencies about availability
  • Follow up with customers who’ve started a conversation with the chatbot
  • Share a special deal with other businesses with group offers
  • Personalize a warm greeting to guests who are checking in that day.
  • Let your guests know you’ll be out of commission for renovations or updates
  • Upsell products or add-ons to guests booked for a specific holiday
  • Use your CRM tool to segment VIPs or habitué customers and create a package just for them.

Optimize all your chatbot can do

Maybe you don’t have staff on call to reply to a thousand guests wanting to know about the newest deal you shared with them through bulk messages, but that’s why this integration is so efficient.

Let the chatbot take care of common doubts and intervene with human assistance only when it’s necessary. And this can be done automatically, all you have to do is teach the bot.

What’s more, all chats are centralized in a single place with Asksuite’s Omnichannel solution.

Hoteliers can boost bookings with chatbot “tags” that help them find the most relevant customers for a certain campaign and, subsequently, get data for each bulk message campaign. It’ll be a detailed analysis of segments that are worth investment.

Are you interested in learning even more about how to use WhatsApp to boost direct bookings? Download our free e-book now!

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Statistics to blow your mind

Travelers using WhatsApp want to get updates and news in the app, and many hoteliers only use email marketing as a direct channel to customers. However, WhatsApp bulk message campaigns tend to have a greater opening rare and interaction. Here are some impressive numbers about WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp is delivering 100 billion messages a day (TechCrunch)
  •  WhatsApp helps businesses increase conversion rates up to 112% (AiSensy)
  • Many businesses have seen a complete twist  by switching to WhatsApp (WhatsApp)
  • Research shows that 89.6% of participants reported using WhatsApp for chatting, hence requiring a more dynamic, fluid replying behavior. (Unicamp)
  • 50% of WhatsApp users in the US used the app daily and 78% used it weekly in 2020. (ThinkImpact)
  • WhatsApp Business API messages have a 99% open rate (Telemedia)
  • The US had 3.45 million downloads of the app in the fourth quarter of 2021 only. (Statista)
  • WhatsApp is the most popular app in over 100 countries. (SimilarWeb)
  • WhatsApp can add billions of dollars to Facebook’s top line if it were to follow a similar strategy. (Forbes)


whatsapp campaign data

Source: (BackLinko)

Why is a WhatsApp campaign so important?

Asksuite is already ahead as a platform hoteliers can use to manage WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media, but now you can shoot text messages to each reservation agent within the system based on numerous criteria.

There is also the possibility of sending the campaign paired with the active chatbot, to aid in the first round of questions and filtering down to the cases where an agent should intervene.

Once bulk messages are sent using WhatsApp, you can easily see who replied and then use it as a basis for future campaigns, taking customers’ profiles into account.

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Source: Hootsuite 

According to Asksuite’s CTO, Vinicius Pavei, most hotels have no statistical control over important data such as response time or conversion rate by agent or by channel. Asksuite considers the hotel’s productivity to ensure that the user experience is simple for both the hotelier and the traveler.

Rodrigo Teixeira, Asksuite’s CEO, talks about the high impact this feature generates:

“Asksuite takes another important step towards redefining the standards of service and communication in the hospitality industry. In addition to the previously launched functionality, ‘Start a Conversation on WhatsApp’, WhatsApp Campaigns now also take our technology to marketing and customer relationship, enabling new strategies to attract, convert, boost revenue, and retain customers with more assertive communication.”

Asksuite offers a complete solution to hoteliers, who can centralize all customer interactions in one place. Our platform guarantees fewer communication breaks, agility in the service process, and a reduction in the loss of engagement, turning conversion rate into sales.

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