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Maria Anjos

July 22, 2021

HOTEL CAST Craig Carbonniere

Hotel Cast #18: The Guest Experience That Drives Revenue with Craig Carbonniere



“Look at your local experience.”

“Develop the content on your website.”

In this episode of Hotel Cast, we talk with Craig Carbonniere, Senior Director of Sales at Milestone and a hotel industry veteran, about how to improve the guest experience and increase the revenue of a hotel. Valuable tips were given during our chat.

Find out Craig’s insights in this episode of Hotel Cast – Guest Experience That Drives Revenue:

We also talk about:

  • What’s new in Guest Experience pre, during, and after the stay
  • Where guests are spending money
  • How to increase revenue
  • How to use the marketing teams to attract potential guests

Craig also points out how digital marketing is essential for hotel branding, and how the pandemic led to innovation. According to him, the hotel industry has the potential to grow and meet the standards of guest expectations just like other industries such as retail and finance.

The specialist also talks about the fundamentals of marketing, and how it should be aligned to sales to optimize revenue and the hotel’s goal.

Craig Carbonniere gives an insightful view into the entire guest experience journey and how it impacts revenue. Every department, from marketing to sales, passing right through food and drinks, leaves an impression on your guest, and how they feel while staying in your property.

More Hotel Casts About Guest Experience and Revenue

In this episode of the Hotel Cast Podcast, we chat with the Hotel Expert, Speaker, and Mexico’s Luxury Travel Ambassador, Marcos Toscani, about the luxury segment and hotel social media. We also cover Mexico’s market and the expectation of new hotel openings in 2021.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • new big hotel brand openings in Mexico
  • how the pandemic impacted (or not) the luxury segment
  • the importance of social media for hotels as a two-way communication channel
  • mistakes and tips when managing hotel social media
  • what a luxury hotel is
  • his role as Mexico’s Luxury Travel Ambassador

Listen to this episode now:

Read About Guest Experience

New York or Lisbon. All around the world, guest services are overloaded with all kinds of questions from clients. Even though it may seem like a boring task, quickly addressing clients’ simple inquiries affects deeply the guest experience.

One common mistake that hoteliers do is to consider guest experience only the experience provided during guest stay. But pre-stay service is also a crucial part of it. Therefore, pre-stay queries should not be underestimated.

To make your life a bit easier, here come 4 main topics you should cover on your hotel website so your guest experience goes smoothly.

Read all about the subject in our post [The Perfect Online Guest Experience: 4 Topics Your Website Must Cover]



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