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May 3, 2021


Why Building a Hotel Culture Changes Employee Productivity



Are you a hotel owner? Well, then you need to know that there are more than 700 000 hotels in the world that will offer similar or identical services. The question is: will you manage to “survive” with a competition that tough? With a hotel focused on employee productivity, you can.

The answer is directly associated with the satisfaction and expertise of people that work in your hotel. All the business owners that run a company that requires active face-to-face interaction with people need to develop a hotel culture focused on increasing the productivity of all employees. 

In short, hotel culture is a definition of core values, attitudes, and beliefs of your organization that will help your employees (and your business in general).

It can improve their performances and leaves an excellent impression whenever a guest comes to your place.

But why does building a productive hotel culture matter? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you probably think that developing a hotel culture is unnecessary. However, we are sure you will change your mind after reading the list of reasons we prepared for you below. Let’s find them out together! 

You’ll Find More Suitable Candidates When Hiring

When you look for a new employee, you are probably chasing those who have some hospitality experience. On top of that, they need to possess good communication skills, be patient, and ready to help guests whenever they need someone. However, will that be enough? 

The beliefs, mentality, and other personal qualities, need to be compatible with your hotel culture. You need to be sure that every individual that works in your hotel shares the same values. That automatically brings the next benefit from this list. 

The Training Session Will Be Shorter and More Effective

Every employee that starts working in a hotel goes through a strict training process. These sessions help new employees adapt to new working environments and adjust to a new way of working. They can sometimes last for a few weeks but gives no guarantees that time will be enough for each new employee to adapt.

If that’s the case, your efforts to teach new employees something new were wasted. 

Hiring an employee that does not share your hotel’s values and beliefs will be a time-consuming and cost-effective mistake. On the other hand, a worker who already shares the same culture won’t need a lot of time to adapt and learn the basics, becoming an employee that increases productivity in your hotel.


All Individuals Will Become Team Players

Hotel culture will ensure that the work environment and atmosphere in your hotel are effective. Let’s imagine that 10 people are working in your hotel for a long time. After a couple of years, more guests started to book rooms in your hotel. So you decide to hire 10 more people.

Will those 20 people become a team? Not likely, unless you have a distinct hotel culture to unite them, focused on hotel and employee productivity

Each individual that you hired will be motivated to work as a team. There are plenty of duties that most individuals won’t manage to complete alone. Even if they can, the time they will spend on accomplishing tasks alone is much longer. 

All the employees need a source of motivation that will inspire them to help each other. Your duty will be to participate in tasks and be an example of how a team should function. You can assist your workers whenever they need help, thus showing they should do the same when their co-workers are “in trouble.”

We asked Rupesh Patel, hotel owner, speaker, and investor: “how to be a good hotel leader?” Check his answers in this inspirational interview: [Good leadership with Rupesh Patel]

The Overall Efficiency of the Hotel Will Increase

Hotel culture won’t only motivate your workers to help each other. Transparent communication between employees is one way to ensure business growth during the pandemic, and we all know that hotels suffered a lot in the last year and a half.

So, what exactly can you do here to make things right? Well, you can, for instance, write down a daily schedule and highlight all the duties that your employees need to do. That way, they will know in every moment what their job is, whether some needs help, etc. 

The daily schedule needs to be matchable with the hotel culture since that is the only way all employees will clearly understand it. On the other hand, you can always get out of the box and try to make the daily schedule more entertaining.

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Their Motivation, Positivity, and Effort Will Reflect on Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways to impress your guests and ensure they are happy with the services your hotel provides. Booking a room should be a simple process and a hotel chatbot like Asksuite can help you automate your customer support.

This not only will help your hotel employee productivity but will also allow people to find out everything about your help without any extra effort. 

On the other hand, you need to make guests feel comfortable at your hotel, and the culture will grant your employees a sense of safety. Whatever challenging task, they will know that there is always someone that will guide them.

This will help the personnel interact with guests with a higher positivity level, making the overall atmosphere more relaxing.

Happy guests will start recommending your hotel to other people, which is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness

Final Thought

As you see, defining the core values through hotel culture can be beneficial in different ways. It will help you hire the right people that deserve to work at your hotel and improve the collaboration of the new and old employees.

All these will result in an effective and positive working atmosphere that will help your employees leave an excellent impression. Guests will barely wait to come again and enjoy the services your hotel offers. 

About the author: Kristin Savage is an experienced writer that uses her talent to help business in different ways. She often works with business owners from the hospitality industry that look for someone that will boost the quality of their web content. However, she also helps business owners that want to motivate workers to work as a team and write a productive hotel culture.



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