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Maria Anjos

October 15, 2021

Revenue Road to Recovery Khristina Quigley

Hotel Cast #21: The Revenue Road to Recovery with Khristina Quigley



“You’re only good as your team.”

That’s one of the main tips Khristina Quigley shared with us in the #21 episode of Hotel Cast: The Revenue Road to Recovery. Key Account Director for a leading hospitality technology provider Hoist Group, Khristina is helping hotels by providing technology solutions and enabling them to manage coherent end-to-end digital journeys for their guests.

In this episode, she also shares tips about:

  • The lack of formal education in the hospitality industry
  • The importance of sharing knowledge and valuing the team
  • The necessity of embracing technology to optimize the segment
  • General tips to optimize your business such as paying attention to your website and customers

And, of course, Khristina shares insights into what she considers to be the revenue road to hotel recovery.

Listen to this amazing episode here:


Furthermore, Khristina talks about a major problem in our industry that many of us, women can relate to, regardless of the industry: the sexism women have to endure in their careers.

During the episode, Khristina highlights how women have to stick together to be able to succeed in the hotel industry. Through her experience, she helps empower other women starting their careers, be it on her podcast or LinkedIn.

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