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Paula Carreirão

August 18, 2021

instagram api official

New Official Integration of Asksuite and Instagram: Automation that Converts Bookings



At last! The news every hotelier was waiting for is finally here: the official integration between Instagram and Asksuite. Now hotels will be able to respond to clients automatically and manage their teams using a single account. 

That’s not all. Hotel managers will be able to see and control which agent talked to a specific client or sold a service, all while connecting with other channels already integrated with Asksuite, such as Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, and WhatsApp. 

Since October 2020, Facebook Inc – the parent company of Instagram – has been doing beta tests with its API (Application Programming Interface). But it was only in the second half of July 2021 that the company opened its official Instagram API. 

Aware of the benefits that this could bring to the hospitality sector, our product team worked their magic and made the entire integration process as fast as possible, bringing this update to our customers in record time

With this integration, our customers all over the world will be able to deliver the utmost unified and harmonic experience in their message communication channels, combined with the Asksuite platform.  

Consequently, client satisfaction will increase, potentializing your revenue.

If messaging is part of your business strategy, this integration will surely help you achieve amazing results. With this new integrated channel, you will be able to respond to texts, pictures, videos, stories, mentions, and publications. Everything will be separated for each client within the Asksuite dashboard. 

Why is Asksuite Integration with Instagram API Important for Your Hotel Customer Service?

Did you know:

  • Instagram has over 1 billion users active every month?
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one company on the social media platform?
  • 80% of users say that the platform helps them choose products and services?
  • 54% of clients prefer dealing with customer service in social media platforms or text? 

Can you measure the potential that this communication channel has for your hotel business?

As a social media platform, communication on Instagram is essential for a successful strategy. Whether be a story’s response, message sent, or comments in posts, the direct dialog between a company and its clients paves the way for new bookings and strengthens relationships with habitual customers.

That said, the integration between Instagram and Asksuite’s solution is not only valuable for the customer. It is also beneficial for the hotel’s success.

Besides giving fast and complete responses – even when open questions are made -, hotels can provide room quotations with pictures, prices, and availability in real-time since Asksuite is integrated with the main booking engines.

With no wanting lines that frustrate customers and using a human-like language, Asksuite AI chatbot is available for interactions on Instagram 24/7.

And to make it even better, every conversation can be seen and managed within the Asksuite dashboard. As an omnichannel solution, all conversations with the same user are unified in one single chat.

asksuite omnichannel dashbord

Connecting Reservations Department to Instagram

One of the biggest problems faced by hoteliers is that their Instagram account is usually run by marketing agencies. When this is the case, the hotel’s reservation agents cannot access potential guests that sent messages on Instagram.

More than that, managers can´t log in to the account and see who answered a client, who made a reservation, and who is taking care of that service. Nor can they see and measure the Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) numbers of each client that reached out on the platform and all their information.

“Asksuite’s platform opens a lot of possibilities for our clients to be even more active combining human and robot assistance now that the bot is on Instagram. We have many customers that hire marketing agencies to post their publications and run ads for them, but the agencies are not able to respond to the questions or room quotations simply because they don’t have the information.

Now, room rates and questions are in our platform and can be seen and managed by marketing agencies and/or reservations department. All the information can be accessed by multiple user with multiple logins.” says Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO of Asksuite.

With this new practical way of conversing, the client will not have to repeat any information, and attendants can follow everything that happened during the process simply and practically.

Get to know the integration

Advantages of the integration

In essence, with the official Instagram API integration, hotels will be able to resolve some of the biggest challenges of the marketing and sales department, such as:

  • Quick response to potential guests in Instagram Messaging
  • Send automatic rates with our AI and integration with the booking engine
  • Serve customers 24 hours a day 
  • Manage all replies of the booking agent and see all statistics, filters, tags, agents, and more
  • Obtain leads with Instagram Messaging Ads. 
  • Respond to clients that requested assistance directly on your channel without having to move to another one. 

 Restrictions imposed by Facebook Inc.

However, there are a few restrictions imposed by Facebook Inc:

  • Instagram account must be associated with a Facebook account.
  • Language detection is not possible automatically. Therefore, every conversation will stand in the standard language of your company.

Conversation that converts

The integration of Asksuite with Instagram allows you to scale your customer service and maximize your revenue. After all, posts, stories, mentions in comments, or direct messaging is an easy way of interacting and helping your sales team.

Research conducted by Facebook shows that while interacting with possible clients on Instagram, the conversion rate of booking/sales can rise 20%.

See the video and know all the commercial possibilities that the official Instagram API integration can bring to help your hotel increase direct booking!

Asksuite has been named 2021’s best Website Livechat & Chatbot by Hotel Tech Report. Hotel Tech Report is the world’s largest online community for technology insights and digital transformation strategies in the massive hotel industry.



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