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Evelin Lima

February 10, 2023

hotel guest experience

Hotel Cast #31: How Technology Enhances the Guest Experience and Converts More Bookings



“As long as [travelers] are staying on your website, and they’re engaging, seeing things that are interesting to them, finding out information, engaging with your chatbot, or looking at your pictures, then that’s building up their comfort and confidence so that they, hopefully, will then make that booking with you. “

You can find this and other outstanding insights on our latest Hotel Cast episode, featuring Catt McLeod, Director of Strategic Partnerships at HotelREZ. With over 20 years experience in Hospitality Sales and Distribution, Catt has a wealth of knowledge and a real passion for hospitality.

Are you feeling bombarded with new tech options every day? That’s exactly why we need clever tips to make informed decisions. If you’re like millions of hospitality professionals looking for savvy solutions to enhance the guest experience, you should most definitely listen to this episode.

Check out these hot topics:

  • How technology can help hoteliers increase conversions and bookings
  • Why it’s important to have technology during the guest journey
  • How technology and engagement are connected
  • Bonus: The most crucial step Catt would advise a hotelier looking to increase direct bookings

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Hotel Cast #30: Improve Operations and Get More Results with Hotel Tech ft. Sally Richards

This Hotel Cast episode was very special because it was our 30th! Our keynote speaker, an impactful industry expert, Sally Richards, is the Managing Director at RaspberrySky Services Limited. Sally used her background (showcasing a portfolio of 6500 hotels) to cover topics all hoteliers need, such as these:

  • What does the hotel industry look like when it comes to technology?
  • How can hotel tech assist with internal operations?
  • How can hotels optimally blend their services with technology and humans?
  • What are the 3 best tips for hotels looking for new tech?

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The Future of Hospitality and Must-Have Technologies with Michael McCartan

From hotel distribution to must-have tech, Michael McCartan, Travel Tech Business Leader, shared his insights about the new hospitality industry being shaped as we speak in this Hotel Cast episode.

Here’s what we discussed:

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Hotel Cast #23: How Technology is Driving the Future of Wellness with Tammy Pahel

We often think of technology as a cold piece of steel, ready to make our lives easy and practical. But what if apps and tech work toward our wellbeing?

Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa & Wellness Operations at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, gave us some valuable insights into the future of wellness in this Hotel Cast episode.

Here are some highlights:

  • Enhance the guest experience with therapeutic and wellness sessions
  • Amp up revenue all year long by offering guests an opportunity to relax and disconnect
  • Become a sanctuary for your guests during tough times

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Hotel Cast #27: Hospitality Innovations Are Your Best Bet to Grow with Ken Patel

In this episode, we invited Ken Patel, Founder of EV Hotel™ and one of the top 50 Most Influential Hospitality Leaders worldwide by Hospitality Power Index, to talk about these crucial points:

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